Shadows (old) - Askim Party Demo 1DetailsCaseRow
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hi folks, this is the first demo of the shadows on the amiga! the whole shit was
written by me, loop. for the demo competition on this copyparty.           you
are bored? you wanna play? just control the bobs by moving the joystick in all
four directions. you are increasing or decreasing the speed of x- or y-moving.
press fire and direction to control the space between the bobs. thats all.
byyyyyeeeee.......hello !!! this is wilfo of spreadpoint !!! remember that there
is a cooperation between spreadpoint and defjam !! ok lets start writing some
bullshit !!! first i wanna tell you that i hope that this demo will reach the
top in the competition !!  thats because spreadpoint did not manage to finish
their own to this compitition. it will be realesed next week ( i hope ) ... 
this party is full of lamers !!!  you have to search for a long time to find
some great guys, coz there is only a few of them !! i am sitting beside loop who
is writing the text in the second part of this demo. he is working on an amiga
1000, and he is shouting all the bad words he can find, coz he does not like the
keyboard on the 1000 ( poor boy !! ) ... but there is one thing i do not
understand !!! why cannot shadows let moonray make the graphix to the demoes
??!!! now i am pretty bored of writing scrolltext, so think i will sign off
right now !!! the last thing i gonna write is : good luck in the compitition,
shadows - i hope you will win !!!  you deserve it !!!!!    ....    after this
solid piece of crap..the wizzzarrrd(wizard)is here to amaze(?) you with some
more bulllshit!! right now i am very tired because of a terrible lack of
sleep..i am out of ideas(extremly original) well..i got to be going,i am
suppposed to go up and collect all the demos that are goingto partisipate in the
demo far so what? see you later somewhere in time.   
       greetings are in the second part!!

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