Academy - No Way Demo (Equivoque 2)DetailsCaseRow
       I acctually felt we had to include a little text-file that would
explain to the slow-minded what we're actually doing.
       First of all:The "No way-demo" is a parody of the "Norway-demo",and it
should be treated like one: With a laugh!  And I can't really put all the
groups being here at the map! I mean,it'd probably turn out to become rather
messy with a few hundred bobs on one screen,or what do you think?
       Secondly: I must repeat that this is a parody of the Norway-demo, so
whether the groups exist or not is quite off the point!
       Thirdly: This demo consists of three parts (intro,this txt,main prg),
so I gather the wisest thing to do is to spread all three parts together...
Please!  You see, we did not have the time to link the intro and main program 
together... (That's called rowing in Norwegian,I think.)
	Never mind the guru that might appear sometimes,it's a part of the
layout... (High speed "rowing"...)  Such bugs are charming,aren't they. (Can
somebody give me that can of DDT??) 
       There is nothing left to say x'cept:
       If you find this program worth buying, send $10 to the Salvation Army.
       If you find it worthless, send us $10,and we'll stop making crap like
  (Released at the The Banned/Wit/Sawhead "copy"- party during the Easter.)

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