Paradox - East vs West Berlin 1948DetailsCaseRow
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ladies and gentlemen!       paradox present...          c east vs berlin english
version c                   released on 30/6-90 date of the party place and
where we kicked out zelnik the dick. the story is that zelnik keeps on saying
shit about everybody and mainly about paradox members i (olivier) just
kicked him out of the party telling him he should not come back here otherwise
we would beat him up again, then zelfuck went to sleep in a friends car and
later kevin and tsh from vision factory arrived and looked for zeldick to beat
him up, but as i already kicked him out he wasnt at the party but later they
found him sleeping in the car and threw him and his clothes in the big swimming
pool o o so you see zeldick everybody hates you ... fuck off and die.  to bad
that your faggot friend pennywise wasnt here bcoz he would have gotten the same
treatment, but we guess that he was just to afraid to show up             pick
up your j and call these boards         sleepy hollow  703 525 0986        
involuntary death 708 599 1537      hallowed ground  +45 4343 9398              
           well u to stop before it gets to late.                     s goodbye
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