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hello, how are you ???   our group is 'pacific' from belgium.  pacific is
composed of mad (it's me !!!), la taupe (friendly : lt) and the off.   .pacific
is the leader of the 'carolo-scene' (the carolos are the inhabitants of
charleroi, our city : 250.000 inhabitants !!).  so you want swap with pacific
???   it's possible but not for all the news (the main reasons are 1 -
postprices    2 - i student at school !!!). how find you this cool plasma-intro
???  enjoy it because this intro was coded in 4 hours...  ok some other info
about me now : my real name is raphael and i'm 18 years old.  i have an amiga
500 with 3 externals disk drives, 2.3 megabytes memory, 2 132 columns printers,
2 pc, 3 hard disk of 40 mb, a 2400 bps modem, 6 cats (yes, six, i love cats !!!)
 and so on...    if you want swap with us, send to us a list with your news.  i
send a list with our news since 01 september.  makes yours choices !!!  after
click-mouse, an other intro (always in plasma).  enjoy the music for this second
intro because this music was created by mad (me !!).excuse me for the english
mistakes ===  my first language is...  ...ha ha...  ...french !!!  for all
reasons contact pacific at :    pacific     po box 15      b - 6041 charleroi   
 belgium        pacific     po box 15     b - 6041 charleroi     belgium

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