Pu-239 - Happy New YearDetailsCaseRow
Scroll Text (Gremlin's Scroll)
gremlin"s scrolly is about to begin be prepared to some mindless
nonsense....ya can believe that i'm really not in writing mood,clock is 05.33
am....     .well, lovejoy said that this demo should be done in 1989,but we
did't get this. ready in time... we have been doing this since i arrived to
saviours"s place. ... i"m very tired now !! saviour said that he hasn"t our
greez-list.just now. saviour is reading some pornomags (gotta quit this soon...i
wanna read them.,too) by the way now is coming my contact adress,so grab a pen
and something. to scratch on...              jarkko  toivainen       salakantie 
   44100.äänekoski       finland      or call me 358 - 45 - 11954    and ask
for jarkko.  only pd and demo swapping !!!       and now litle info about those
pixxels.... fonts: done by saviour   background: gremlin   animations:gremlin
with. moral support from saviour (saatanan ääliö,käytä sitä vähää mitä
sulla on. päässä (said by saviour)),so thanx for your help !!! we didn"t have
enough time. to finish "em ... yeah really nice to write these... happy newyear
freax .... just now i don"t have any ideas to write here !! oh,i think that i
falled in. sleep ... perkele ku nukuttaa !!! heiehei... i think,that saviour is
going. to write ...... (his scroller) it was very amazing to be on town at this.
night,no good freax ... sorry,because i have done so many writing errors. in
this scrolly,but i am too tired to fix "em ......        skroller vill. restärt
Scroll Text (Lovejoy's Scroll)
lovejoyn1 owns this scroll! absolutely great,.saviour called me yesterday and
said that there is still one fill. so it took it like a
challenge..   n2   ok, enough bull shit,.time is about 02:30 and day is about
31.12... well, i am quite sure this my last scroll-shit in this
century.. hmm.. there is still about 300.kilo-bytes for scroll.. i assume that
saviour mented to write some sensible.scroll-text, but like everybody knows it
is impossible mission for me..n1well, how about a little story of lonely
reporter of c-lehti (again,.finnish product!).. well, one foggy day at the
august i and crank.decided to build an interface for hard-drive.. so, we build
it and.because it seemed to be ok, we wrote a story which we sended to
c-lehti...(what a mistake!).. a couple of days ago this lonely reporter from helsinki and said that i must (!) send the interface to him.that
he can take a few pictures for our article. so, because i am a nice guy,.(unpaid
commercial advertisement as 62c02 would say.. 8) ) i sent the.interface to
helsinki. the reporter promised to return it back immediatly.when he has take
the pictures and said that i would get it back at friday if.if i send it right
away (wednesday).. so, i sent it as an2          fast-packet      .n1and a
beautuful lady in the post office said that it would be in thursday.
wow, i was a little upset because i knew that it is almost.too hard to be
without hard disk if you have one.. now, the day is sunday,.is still do not have
the interface.. i called to reporter to his home (!!!).and he had just arrived
for vacation.. great, absolutely great, i was already.searching for my knive
when i remembered that it would not be possible to.kill anybody thru phone.. oh
shit, that bastard, i would really have do that.if it somehow could be
possible.. so, when i stop writing (somewhere at morning).i have to save this
lousy text to a disket.. and there is just left to me.21 m hard-drive and
western digitals controller and ats power-supplier.but n2         n o t   t h a
t   f u c k i n g   i n t e r f a c e ! ! !  .  n1 ok, i have spoken.           
hmm.. i just noticed that i have no.idea where this scroll rolls.. somewhere
(below, above..?) should be.gremlins scroller and the big one is saviours own
scroll.. why the hell.i always (!) get the smolest one.. maybe i should start to
code demos.... that way i can create as big scroller (for me) as the screen can
show.and saviour and gremlin gets about 4 pixel-scroller if the music
their scrollers time off..n2 hohohohihihohohahahaha   n1.. i just noticed,.i
have wrote whole screen full of bull shit. maybe it is my destiny to.write bull
shit. (it is very strange, the magazines wants to publish my.bull shit-stories..
maybe my products are high-level bull shit or something... 8) )        oujee, i
have to apologize because of my box... it is very.poor these days. i changed
software there and new one is quite janne (that is a finnish
name!) already almost cut off the line.because he was so upset of the new
box-software. well, i have to apologize.again.. it is really lousy. but i am
very sure that it will be the end of next century... (not funny..? i
wasnt serious, you .tight-mind.. 8) )              i just called in alberts box
and he he said that -they- are gonna come here, it is really great that -thay- let -me- know about this.. and
they are:. albert, secundus and falstaff, maybe crank...? oh well, crank was
here.yesterday, he wasnt really "stuffin swappaus p{{ll{" (this is kind
of.inside-joke!) - very willing to swap stuff.. he wanted some c-sources
and.command named ld.. and my joystick..  he and some of his friends called
.marko wanted to play some stupid football-game and as you can guess,.it needs a
joystick.. but why he always needs -my- joystick.. .maybe his joystick is
smaller than mine hihihohohuhuhhehehh|h|h...          whep.. there was a little
problem with music-routine too...we couldnt find any suitable noisetracker
replay-routine but finally i.found one from my source-code disks.. there is
really not much time for.finish this demo because we decided that this
marvellous pu-product.must be finished by the end of this century.. and it will
be change.too soon....shit, i have wrote this scroll already one hour.. better
stop here...what can i say, have a happy new year 1990!
Scroll Text (Saviour's Scroll)
read this !!   read this !!   this scrolly is only for saviour(me) shit....  so
here in the beginning of this scroll, i"ll write my contact address,in case.
someone can"t read this further... grab a pencil !!                           . 
 j a n i   a s k o l i n         n i i n i m ä e n k a t u 9        4 4 1 2 0  
    .ä ä n e k o s k i        f i n l a n d         phone:              .    3
5 8 - 4 5 - 2 2 5 2 6                        . oh damn,this font doesn"t include
 ... well,eh... i guess "doesn"t" does not. look normal... i hope you got it... 
   .  first i"ll send some mezzys:  albert (pu-239!!!) - it"s really nice you.
bought an amiga !!! great !!!    harry of amiga axiom 2000 - hope you. get your
co-operation working with bloodsuckers...    fleshbrain of phaze 101. - send my
disk(s) back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! send my disk(s) back !!!!!!!. die to your
own shit you filthy gay !!!  (don"t kill me)    paranoiac of fns -. i really am
waiting for your demo to be released !! it must be a super-demo....    possessed
of phaze 101 - hope we'll swap a bit faster in the future.... but i think it is
supposed to be my turn to send... i hope you are satisfied to. this "stuff"..  
shredder of mutants of bloodsuckers - i"ll try to send your. videos back...
skate !     that"s all for mezzies...   hmmm... now i think. i have made a biiig
mistake !!! and guess what ??  i have wrote allmost. sensible text !!! i don"t
remember when i have written so sensible !!! oh shit., i must change the
priorities of some tasks: bullshit 127 ,sensibility -127 .... now i"m supposed
to more like normal... hey,gremlin is reading the pornomags now.... whattowrite
?? bullshit !!     tomorrow morning i tested my digitizer (i got. it back from
gremlin yesterday...) , i connected it to my monitor... then i started. to
digitize a "lewis" commerzial...  piuh !!! and my monitor was broken !!!!. fuck
!!!!!  but wait,it had a guarantee !! yeah !!! fuck ,today the shops. are not
open... damn... so,whattehell !  my father (with aid from me...) opened. the
monitor,and there was just a broken fuse !! phew !!  so,now i am watching. the
same fucking monitor again !! yeah !! cool !!  i think this is enough of.
this... i think there"s a lot of spelling errors,but we have no time to fix them
!!. bye !!!      saviour logged off at 6:33 am  1.1.1990 !!!   shit,this demo is
6:33. late... lovejoy said,that we should have this demo ready 31.12.1989... .  
       end                                   press button,you can"t read.
lovejoy"s text...

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