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Scroll Text (Gremlin's Scroll)
gremlin"s scrolly is about to begin be prepared to some mindless
nonsense....ya can believe that i'm really not in writing mood,clock is 05.33
am....     .well, lovejoy said that this demo should be done in 1989,but we
did't get this. ready in time... we have been doing this since i arrived to
saviours"s place. ... i"m very tired now !! saviour said that he hasn"t our
greez-list.just now. saviour is reading some pornomags (gotta quit this soon...i
wanna read them.,too) by the way now is coming my contact adress,so grab a pen
and something. to scratch on...              jarkko  toivainen       salakantie 
   44100.äänekoski       finland      or call me 358 - 45 - 11954    and ask
for jarkko.  only pd and demo swapping !!!       and now litle info about those
pixxels.... fonts: done by saviour   background: gremlin   animations:gremlin
with. moral support from saviour (saatanan ääliö,käytä sitä vähää mitä
sulla on. päässä (said by saviour)),so thanx for your help !!! we didn"t have
enough time. to finish "em ... yeah really nice to write these... happy newyear
freax .... just now i don"t have any ideas to write here !! oh,i think that i
falled in. sleep ... perkele ku nukuttaa !!! heiehei... i think,that saviour is
going. to write ...... (his scroller) it was very amazing to be on town at this.
night,no good freax ... sorry,because i have done so many writing errors. in
this scrolly,but i am too tired to fix "em ......        skroller vill. restärt

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