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Scroll Text (Lovejoy's Scroll)
lovejoyN1 owns this scroll! absolutely great,.saviour called me yesterday and
said that there is still one fill. so it took it like a
challenge..   N2   ok, enough bull shit,.time is about 02:30 and day is about
31.12... well, i am quite sure this my last scroll-shit in this
century.. hmm.. there is still about 300.kilo-bytes for scroll.. i assume that
saviour mented to write some sensible.scroll-text, but like everybody knows it
is impossible mission for me..N1well, how about a little story of lonely
reporter of c-lehti (again,.finnish product!).. well, one foggy day at the
august i and crank.decided to build an interface for hard-drive.. so, we build
it and.because it seemed to be ok, we wrote a story which we sended to
c-lehti...(what a mistake!).. a couple of days ago this lonely reporter from helsinki and said that i must (!) send the interface to him.that
he can take a few pictures for our article. so, because i am a nice guy,.(unpaid
commercial advertisement as 62c02 would say.. 8) ) i sent the.interface to
helsinki. the reporter promised to return it back immediatly.when he has take
the pictures and said that i would get it back at friday if.if i send it right
away (wednesday).. so, i sent it as aN2          fast-packet      .N1and a
beautuful lady in the post office said that it would be in thursday.
wow, i was a little upset because i knew that it is almost.too hard to be
without hard disk if you have one.. now, the day is sunday,.is still do not have
the interface.. i called to reporter to his home (!!!).and he had just arrived
for vacation.. great, absolutely great, i was already.searching for my knive
when i remembered that it would not be possible to.kill anybody thru phone.. oh
shit, that bastard, i would really have do that.if it somehow could be
possible.. so, when i stop writing (somewhere at morning).i have to save this
lousy text to a disket.. and there is just left to me.21 m hard-drive and
western digitals controller and ats power-supplier.but N2         n o t   t h a
t   f u c k i n g   i n t e r f a c e ! ! !  .  N1 ok, i have spoken.           
hmm.. i just noticed that i have no.idea where this scroll rolls.. somewhere
(below, above..?) should be.gremlins scroller and the big one is saviours own
scroll.. why the hell.i always (!) get the smolest one.. maybe i should start to
code demos.... that way i can create as big scroller (for me) as the screen can
show.and saviour and gremlin gets about 4 pixel-scroller if the music
their scrollers time off..N2 hohohohihihohohahahaha   N1.. i just noticed,.i
have wrote whole screen full of bull shit. maybe it is my destiny to.write bull
shit. (it is very strange, the magazines wants to publish my.bull shit-stories..
maybe my products are high-level bull shit or something... 8) )        oujee, i
have to apologize because of my box... it is very.poor these days. i changed
software there and new one is quite janne (that is a finnish
name!) already almost cut off the line.because he was so upset of the new
box-software. well, i have to apologize.again.. it is really lousy. but i am
very sure that it will be the end of next century... (not funny..? i
wasnt serious, you .tight-mind.. 8) )              i just called in alberts box
and he he said that -they- are gonna come here, it is really great that -thay- let -me- know about this.. and
they are:. albert, secundus and falstaff, maybe crank...? oh well, crank was
here.yesterday, he wasnt really "stuffin swappaus p{{ll{" (this is kind
of.inside-joke!) - very willing to swap stuff.. he wanted some c-sources
and.command named ld.. and my joystick..  he and some of his friends called
.marko wanted to play some stupid football-game and as you can guess,.it needs a
joystick.. but why he always needs -my- joystick.. .maybe his joystick is
smaller than mine hihihohohuhuhhehehh|h|h...          whep.. there was a little
problem with music-routine too...we couldnt find any suitable noisetracker
replay-routine but finally i.found one from my source-code disks.. there is
really not much time for.finish this demo because we decided that this
marvellous pu-product.must be finished by the end of this century.. and it will
be change.too soon....shit, i have wrote this scroll already one hour.. better
stop here...what can i say, have a happy new year 1990!

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