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Scroll Text (Saviour's Scroll)
read this !!   read this !!   this scrolly is only for saviour(me) shit....  so
here in the beginning of this scroll, i"ll write my contact address,in case.
someone can"t read this further... grab a pencil !!                           . 
 j a n i   a s k o l i n         n i i n i m ä e n k a t u 9        4 4 1 2 0  
    .ä ä n e k o s k i        f i n l a n d         phone:              .    3
5 8 - 4 5 - 2 2 5 2 6                        . oh damn,this font doesn"t include
 ... well,eh... i guess "doesn"t" does not. look normal... i hope you got it... 
   .  first i"ll send some mezzys:  albert (pu-239!!!) - it"s really nice you.
bought an amiga !!! great !!!    harry of amiga axiom 2000 - hope you. get your
co-operation working with bloodsuckers...    fleshbrain of phaze 101. - send my
disk(s) back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! send my disk(s) back !!!!!!!. die to your
own shit you filthy gay !!!  (don"t kill me)    paranoiac of fns -. i really am
waiting for your demo to be released !! it must be a super-demo....    possessed
of phaze 101 - hope we'll swap a bit faster in the future.... but i think it is
supposed to be my turn to send... i hope you are satisfied to. this "stuff"..  
shredder of mutants of bloodsuckers - i"ll try to send your. videos back...
skate !     that"s all for mezzies...   hmmm... now i think. i have made a biiig
mistake !!! and guess what ??  i have wrote allmost. sensible text !!! i don"t
remember when i have written so sensible !!! oh shit., i must change the
priorities of some tasks: bullshit 127 ,sensibility -127 .... now i"m supposed
to more like normal... hey,gremlin is reading the pornomags now.... whattowrite
?? bullshit !!     tomorrow morning i tested my digitizer (i got. it back from
gremlin yesterday...) , i connected it to my monitor... then i started. to
digitize a "lewis" commerzial...  piuh !!! and my monitor was broken !!!!. fuck
!!!!!  but wait,it had a guarantee !! yeah !!! fuck ,today the shops. are not
open... damn... so,whattehell !  my father (with aid from me...) opened. the
monitor,and there was just a broken fuse !! phew !!  so,now i am watching. the
same fucking monitor again !! yeah !! cool !!  i think this is enough of.
this... i think there"s a lot of spelling errors,but we have no time to fix them
!!. bye !!!      saviour logged off at 6:33 am  1.1.1990 !!!   shit,this demo is
6:33. late... lovejoy said,that we should have this demo ready 31.12.1989... .  
       end                                   press button,you can"t read.
lovejoy"s text...

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