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Scroll Text
welcome                 .to a new demo from the power crew. the credits: .
coding: lord prudence     picture and vector object: alien. .now the greetings. 
  here they are:    .wizzcat, hades, niko, tommi and maybe to miika, ville and
pumo.   .   was that too fast for you? well, here they come again (and a bit
slower):.  wizzcat, hades, niko, tommi and maybe to ville and pumo. and some
special hellos to aropuput (sami & mikko laakso.) .  nobody knows why they`re
called aropuput, so...  but now here follows the address where you all are going
to write.        .alien, eerontie 1 a 1, 02180 espoo, finland.     .if you can
make good music, contact us! if you don`t, but you want a good contact, just
contact us! (do it now!)   .so now this is lord prudence writing. what you think
about the vector? i programmed it on the weekend. the machine crashed very
beautifully several times. but now it`s working! last week my monitor almost
blew up. the power switch burned. aargh! it wasn`t funny. but now there is a new
power switch and it works again. huhhuh. do you remember the lamer exterminator
+ that we told you in our previous intro? now the new version of slimeboot can
recognize it! it`s the only viruskiller that can do it! so that`s why avesoft
took it to their collection. and now they`re selling it. you are lucky, because
you don`t have to buy it, it is in this disk. it is very useful!  message to
ville: you have a nice lamer-team called kristal, cristal, crystal or something
like that. you have nothing but a good name. just learn assembler and start
coding. the time is 18:34. . . . jag know inte what to write. we are drinking
jaffa and listening to music and eating and still i don`t know what to write. so
something must be wrong. watch those blitterlines. the vector is refreshed only
25 times per second, because otherwise it is.     2 fast 4 u , too fast for you,
like this text is.             .what you think about this speed? should it be a
bit .slower? no? .ok, what about this? yes? no, this is 2 slow (too slow.) .this
is a nice speed. .what about this? no, i don`t like writing this speed.
.hooohhhh! now i can .stop. .and alien can start writing. .     a little pause  
                yeaahh! i`m here writing scrolly to this great .demtro,    .dem
as demo and tro as intro. now i`ll tell you our story. everything began on
14.3.-89. when we decided that we`ll start making demos. our first demo was
ready on 20.3.-89. it was quite lame, not quite but very lame! this is our 5th
demo / intro and really nice. horus isn`t here as usually. his bike broke down
so that`s why he couldn`t come, what a pity. have you ever played game called. 
laser squad?    .it is a great game. best weapon is rocket launcher, beacuse you
can shoot somebody through a wall (not in any cases). lord prudence called to
slime and now he is coming here with a newest version of slimeboot. what shall i
write now? always when we write scrolltexts nobody knows what to write. guess
what this means:    ."slam   boing   boing   boing   kop   kop   kop  boing 
rolling   rolling?"  .well it is the sound of a doorcnob that boings (great
word!) on a marmor floor and falls downstairs and boings and starts rolling. in
slimeboots new version is some new options but that bloody slime wont tell them
to me. but it recognizes 10 viruses really good ha? good work slime! now i must
go home and eat something. so i must    .s    t    o   p     . bye       .bye   
   .from alien alien warping to outern space.                slime appears to(?)
keyboard! and where from?           .     from hyperspace!!!!!    .now i (slime)
should write some text to the screen. how? who am i??? the hyperspacer!!!       
     as    you    see   !!! .   where am i??? here is a cold wind in- and
outside this thing (house?). .there`s two chaotic boys in this room. aargh!! . 
they mumble something strange. is it some kind of language??? no!.  slime got
his mind back!!!  .lord prudence says that i shouldn`t use the word "now". well
i will not. now i should write something whatever text. ok. .there was a
snow-rain today. .yeah! that was cool! slimeboot is cool! it contains only 4784
bytes of information. sorry! i mean it`s length is only 4784 bytes. it is short!
i know! as alien told you, it recognizes 10 viruses! it recognizes these
viruses:. i don`t want to write here all the viruses!!! and it . is  so good
that you can teach it. yeah! that`s cool! .truut! truut! truuoouuuooouuut!
damdididum! .what was that? that was an ending seremony. with a strange bagpipe.
with a lousy player! here comes soon the end of scrolly. badapadabudum and so
on. hahaahaahaa jack the ripper. end. slime disappears from keyboard. he
walks(?) a long way to the bed beside the keyboard. he lösahtää on the bed
and feels like sleepy. he .feels          sleepy       .no!! something is
missing!!! the moonlight!!!  .bye            .happy -- no!    sad end... 

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