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This Is a new Intro!                 By the DUST!                .6Today the
Dust is writing ~~                                              .~~ Hello you
over there. Me is here. What's happening round there? Nutton over here. Thank
you. Goodbye. ~~.                                              .2.So I phoned to
the Happening Station and ordered some Action. I'm sorry, but they had no Action
in their Stores, thus I could not get it yet for this intro. Maybe Better Luck
next time, they echoed..                                              .3.Then an
enormous idea struck into my mind. I could think up something by MYSELF. So I
wrote an intro - and it worked!! I watched and watched but it still worked. That
was something unbelievable! But I try to devise some dustier^_ er, fancier
graphics for the next one..                                              .1.But
First, of course^_ the Greetings!                       The Personal greetings
go to the following persons (in alpha order as usual):           ~~ Daniel Silva
(EoA) ~~           .3                  ~~ LOKI ~~                  .3           
   ~~ Mark Riley ~~               .3~~ No more.   If you did not find your own
name, read the text carefully till the most bitter end!!!.                      
                       The Not-So-Special Greetings are now coming onto the
display... .            ..           (What is it
now?.What.on the.matter.1with.2this.1scroll?).3.2I'm.sorry because of the delay.
A technical problem has occurred.   ..                    
        ..   Now the system works again.  The
Not-So-Special Greetings are now coming onto the display ~~ J.J.Kasvi ~~ Niko
Nirvi ~~ 9 ~~ 8 ~~ 7 ~~ 6 ~~ 5 ~~ 4 ~~ 3 ~~ 2 ~~ 1 ~~ Novadrive engaged. ~~
Target: Delta-Five ~~ Prestinium on Course ~~ Message from the Palyars ~~
Message received ~~ " Have you already played Mercenary on the Amiga??? You'll
soon do that. " ~~ Error report ~~ Some conflict damage ~~ Checking ~~
Emergency!!! ~~ Guidance system fault ~~ Collision course ~~ Unable to correct
~~ Disengaging Novadrive ~~ Crash imminent ~~ Maximum reverse thrust ~~ CRASH!!!
~~ Crash landed on Targ ~~ Prestinium destroyed ~~ ^_ So began my story on the
planet Targ, during the war between Palyars and Mechanoids. In the horizon I saw
the office of the Dom(m?)inators and Gigaflops. What is that, you ask? That is
the Office of the crackers of the game. The air was full of the smell of
gunpowder. The Palyar Commanders - brother-in-law's - were flying hither and
thither above me and I received a message: "    ~~ Bwell (means But Well) now I
wish to thank The 65C02 for his help with those complicated Copper Lists ~~ "  
With a long sigh I began walking to the east, without any knowledge when - or IF
- I could ever return^_                                              I would be
very pleased if I could send some Messages to the following person: LOKI        
              1. Your Hard Word is still in the Source.                       2.
The Hard Word does not Help.                       3. The Error was Not There.  
                    4. My Remote Controller still Works.                      
5. The Hard Word is "Diamond".                                              But,
as we have come to this point, I must say the Good Bye. Good Bye.               
       Now I must Let The 65c02 to write, like this:     Forsooth! The Time hath
Gone. 65c02, the Turn shall be Given unto Thee. Use It as Thou Wilt. So Endeth
This Story and a New Beginneth. Farewell, and Bite the Dust.                    
                         .2.Hallo Everybone!  It is the 65c02 on the keyboard
now. A few days ago The Dust told me he was planning to write an Intro by
himself. Although I knew he is very good at programming the old good C64 I
didn't believe he could really do that. But here it comes! The first Intro by
The Dust.   .Of course I wanted to spoil this program using my sick ideas. So I
wrote some copper lists for The Dust. And this is the result!   .3.What do you
think about this multi-level graphics? I think it's quite nice. Oh, how I like
writing programs in assembler! -No more sick C-compilers, please!       And how
I love my Amigas!     .No other computer would do.   .1.Now I wanna send my
Special Greetings to:           ***   Jesus Christ   ***           .4           
     Don Fransisco                .2                  Steve Camp                
 .2                  Radio HCJB                  .2                     LOKI    
                .2           All members of The STACK           .2              
   !Dan Silva!                 .2                        The Normal Greetings go
to:               The Knight Rider               .2                   Mac Gyver 
                .2    & Everybody who writes programs for Amiga   .             
         .2.Do you need a good sound sampler for your great Amiga? With stereo
capabilities? A sampler that can take more than 200,000 samples/sec? A sampler
which costs no more than US$99?    Then why not contact me?    My address is:   
              Jukka Marin ~~~~            .4     Ruskeisentie 24 ~~~~         
.5     70900 Toivala ~~~~           .4.     FINLAND                   .3.1.    
My address again:                  Jukka Marin ~~~~            .4   
Ruskeisentie 24 ~~~~          .5    70900 Toivala ~~~~           .4    FINLAND  
                .3Ok. I will not bother you any longer. So it's Bye-Bye from The
65c02 now!

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