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this is kreator of s-xpress with this little intro i.coded for tic tac(unknown)
of megadeth(and chaos now). the music.was written by romeo knight,      this
font was taken from a magnetic.fields intro,       and the logo below was drawn
by myself based on.the logo on the "peace sells .... but who's buying" album.   
.when i wrote the intro tic tac was in megadeth, however a couple of.days after
he received the intro he joined chaos-megadeth.       .anyway heres my contact
addresses   (until 6th october and after 3rd december).  michael troughton,     
  42 browfield terrace,         silsden,          .keighley,         west
yorks.,           bd20 9pt,           england,         .(between 6th october and
3rd december)     michael troughton(not kreator).          st peters college,   
       oxford,             ox1 2dl,        .england.           .    see ya
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!       wrap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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