S-Express - Wake Up DeadDetailsCaseRow
Scroll Text
.               .        .    .   . .....yo !!!!!!.   this is kreator of
s-xpress presenting to you my first ever.demo on the amiga, hope you like it !  
     .first the credits .....all coding by kreator     .this cool tune was
composed by allister brimble of sonic graffiti.      .this font ripped from the
newline demo  girls girls girls !    .the great chars above were ripped from a
dual crew demo.(i think!!).all other graphics by me (kreator) .....      .my
brother raistlin of rti has just written an intro for.some unknown person and
there is a scroller in it just like.this one.he plagiarised this scroller so if
he says otherwise.dont believe him !!!!!!!!!            .as one or two of you
might know i used to be in excess on the 64,.i Became bored with the 64 and i
didnt do very much coding whilst in.Excess.  then i bought this wonderful
machine and my enthusiasm.returned. now im in s-xpress,.maybe not such a well
known group on the amiga.but were growing. at the moment im the only amiga.coder
but before this demo is released we could have a few more.          .now if you
want to contact me (all disks will be returned, .ive had a few problems swapping
on the miggy because.a lot of people wont return my disks) write to.     
kreator,            michael troughton,.            42 browfield terrace,        
   .silsden,             keighley,                 .west yorkshire,             
 bd20 9pt,                .england.           ( until october 4th 89, my
university address.can be found elsewhere on this demo disk)               .well
id like to say thanks to a few people before i wrap this.text up     ezq (and
everyone else in s-xpress). thanks for taking me on and giving me encouragement
to finish.this demo .... deek (chaos + excess) for all the cool amiga.stuff
youve sent me, i hope to use some of your music in at.least one of these demo
parts .....tic tac (rti) .... and all my contacts (i could do with quite a.few
more so write to the previous address or be lame !!!!!!!!! )..                i
never have liked writing scrolltexts so.ill wrap this up here..........

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