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hi ya all and welcome to this little dc-production...        here are the
credits for this intro released at the digital party here in england on 24/10/92
         coded by axis of dual crew      music by gin of dual crew       and the
dual crew logo was drawn by morrison of vectra (thanks mate, we really like your
'sillisalaatti'-logo             here's the board numbers, call them now, if you
think that you are cool enuff!! hehehehe             guru's dream - whq -
+46-8-282760 (now has 5 nodes and 3 gigabytes online        complex corrosion  
- usa hq - nodes 1+2 ringdown on 612-773-0522 node 3 is private            
forgotten realms - euro hq - +44-272-696594  +44-272-753588           eastern
front - finnish hq - +358-28-go ask the elite!!            look out very soon
for our soon-coming productions..... sonic attack from matrix, optical illusions
from axis, inside-outer by overlord, and also stuff from zaz, joker, hawk and
nzo           messages from axis:           to all - that pixel transformer
kicks ca 750 dots!!!       matrix - thanks for the letter and stuff! your coding
is  cool. hope you can finish 'sonic attack' soon because i am sure it's going
to be cool!      gin - cool tune for this intro...   thanks for finishing it so
fast!!      zaz - hmmm... hope you finish something soon! hehehe... maybe we
could do something together then. we talked about it a long time ago if you
remember       zodiak - train more games!       that's it ... i'll hand over the
keyboard to polarbear .......        ok, here are my personal greets:         
ice  -  dlr  -  red devil, morph, stookie, snuskis and the rest of the funny
bunch called dual crew  -  eddie and maelstrom (accession)  -  jugi, der hm,
delorean, blue, hyde and mic dair (complex)  -  smirre and morrison (vectra)  - 
hoffi and zebra (damones a.k.a. boozecrew)  -  shaggy (ex-fairlight)  - 
heatbeat (carillion)  -   bjorn (ex-offence, hey man do what you promised in the
intro)  -  jhl (trsi)  -  grendel and turtle (byterapers)  -  python (silents)  
       and everybody else i've ever met/spoken to etc...           now i'll hand
the keys to ultimate warrior of our trident swapping team       spook, wibble,
beep!!!!!!  it`s the ultimate warrior here with a few words of wisdom. a big
hello to all my mates and leebold who scored -101 at laser quest. what a stuffed
olive......that was the fishing king of the uk and i`ll see ya in the next
scroll......         hello freax, its -red devil- now on the not gonna
bore you all, so ill just say a biiig hello to our new members....-doom-
(ex-gothic) hey gordon, good to have you in the group mate!! best of luck with
those couple of guys you're trying to get for us!!  hehehe      -nzo- weclome
also ray, i hope the raving demo works musics too (of
course!!!!)...   also, greetings have to go out to our other new german members
wonderboy...great work you're doing are indeed a true dual'er!!     
  chromag....fuckin amazing new modules you just sent me!!..really really
great!!! we will use them all!!..every last one of them!!...thyre really great!!
      desto...hey mate, sorry for the delay with the packmenu..i promise i'll
get you one sorted out very soon!!    ninja....superb fonts!!! do you one a day
or something? hehehe...    also i must say hello to my good friends manx, dream
warrior, sinbad, hydro, shaggy, wintermute, morph, zigor, skol, hi.t and the
rest of the 2am club!! hehehe....   okay okay, theres loads and loads of other
guys who i wanna say hello to, but you probably wont be reading by now so it
doesn't matter!!! hehe...bye bye , and see ya in another soon coming -dual crew-

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