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„  Accession presents „                           -   Greed   -           
.Another COOOOL release from /\CCESSION    Yep we sure are back again!!     Okay
ill send some personal greets to  :     Wizler/TRSI  Bobby Q/TRSI  Tom/Aurora 
Conqueror/Agile  Highlander  Andy/Scoopex  Teacher  East coast/Skid Row 
Bulldog/Illusion  and all other friends i forgot !!  We have decided to pull up
The old Scandinavian news again !  If ya like to become editor to our new (OLD)
DiskMag just  Call our boards at USA:                 Gates of Asgard  (
+1-217-892-9243 )              Bad Taste ( +358-0754-3405 )  And leave Mail to
DDT you can also reach me at some other boards at states too so leave me a note
if you are interested....OKAY  No  time to write any more bull so see ya soon in
our next release!!!!   Creds intro by Starbyte and tune by

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