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fuck shit!!! what's this??? answer to your problem is a new amazing intro from 
**amaze** wcalled . . .     dreamin'      y     but now...     let's go bouncy
bouncy!!!!!     v5u2               as in another circle, there's also text
written by some guys      yoooh... metal of parallax puking on ukuleles
gayboard? ... there is a big line of guys waiting behind me to write some
messages and texts to this intro .......  so i must unfortunately leave the
gayboard to ....  to the next gay in the line ...........  now a information
part from dr.techno/ our board in  finland!! number is:
358-(0)-2710784...sysop:dr.degrez/energyv4u6         here's the coder of this
(nice??) intro... breeze! well, just now the clock is 16:22 and in our class
there's members from atleast these groups:  byterapers, parallax, energy, nc,
agony, a m a z e, bli, and heatbeat of rebels sf is just now playing with
toycars...   v3u3        ok, here comes few greets to some of our contacts:     
 rebels, ecstasy, prologic, network, silents, image, anarchy, defcon1, wizzcat,
palace, lsd, alpha flight, cave, ipec elite, beastie boys, acme, vogue,
hypnosis, shining, parallax, axis, brainstorm, scoopex, vision, vertigo, no
limits, tsb, complex, frantic, vectra, northstar, crusaders, cryptoburners, dual
crew, endless piracy, euphoria, sanity, skid row, fairlight, trsi, dexion, exit,
underworld, equinox, flash production, awesome, mechanix, phenomena, disknet,
(b), addonic, cytax, noxious,energy.....             liukas koira!!!
halllooowweee world! this ich heatbeat of rebels grankulla writing... i love
those 'knight rider'-toycars!!!  i just want to send one special messi to : 
tarja - mix et tullu partyille!!!!???!?!?!?!?!?!?   perkeleeee      call this
number for fast, clean & safe *phonesex!* :  +358-86-121649 und ask for tanja or
pentti. now also for gays and ls'bos......... call today!!   viela vesselille ja
meekossille messua... meegosh, don't drink too much tonight, i won't let you
sleep at my place if you drink....  urgg... ja vesseli...  se sun scx-logo siina
invitaatiointrossa on paska.     
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was this something you just dreamed about, another circle?v4u4     ok, now
follows some text by several people in this party!!     v4u5              cut
the crap, and rap the real thing! this is dr.techno/energy  writing! ok, now sum
messys!   bongo of energy: send sum cool stuff stuff, buddy! dr.degrez/energy :
keep goin' on!              yo!! heres dwarf of agony....i am in the same class
as pmb andd df0!!!??      hey, ya all over there!! here is pmb of amaze  nothing
more to write, so i'll leave the keyboard now !!!!....yoblydooonggg!!! here are
aztec of parallax   aztec sends some big hellos to
:stratos,defjef,simply,blaastari and to all my great contacts !!!!!             
    hi, it`s worm of amaze writing..  this party is quite cool, and here will be
lots of new releases. we will release two demos and this intro!! i haven`t got
any special to say, so maybe i will give special greetz to these guys:
supermann/fairlight   teeze/anarchy    yoghurt/network    pet/dexion     
catman/wizzcat     slider/energy     stookie/dual crew       dr.amigo/alpha
flight       stranger/action       mega/dust   and to all others! i don`t have
my list here, so i can`t remember any more guys. bye from worm!!! it's dr.techno
of energy here (again?) typing, becoz no-one else will not write this scroller!
ok, as in the other circle, now in this, information! call our new h.q. board in
finland: 358-0-2710784!! soita jo eilen! bye from me now!
Text Writer
   to a new amaze
    intro called
   d r e a m i n '
released on societys
parties 7-9.6.1991!!

   c r e d i t s :
 code ...... breeze
 gfx ........ zenda
 music .... ukulele
 font ......sector9

our memberlist (sf):
daddy freddy, df0:,
epidemic, zenda, pmb
arcticfox, breeze,
ukulele, worm, topaz

airwolf, bandog,
defrone, blockbrain,

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