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smosh and fiizi strikes again!  hepp hopp, of course it is mosh and teeze and no
one else!!!  whhooom... we are sitting here at teeze^s place boozing!  teeze is
drinking vodka and mosh whiskey!   later on tomorrow flexy and skywise will join
our ^fyllefest^!   fuck all lamers!   rubber b[j on the phone says... ^i fucked
samantha f[x och vill ge knullningar till alla lejmers p[ [land islands!^    ...
teeze says... ^hey mr.big and judge drokk.  go and buy a swedish.english
dictionary!^  mosh says   ^hej alla britter, hoppas ni f;rst[r detta lilla
utl'gg, era j'vla icke svensktalande dr'gg!!! ^     ho ho ho...only kidding... 
vous comprenez francais??  voici mon premier scrolltext en francais!!! je suis
fucking proud! teeze ne comprends pas francais, parce qu^il est un gros fucking
skitst;vel! zut alors j'vla krupp i n'san ...    tjo san ... this is mosh typing
some shit to my intro...   since i am tired of all fractales, fructales,
keftales, cocktales and dicktales i have invented my very own color cycle
diarrhea for you to puke at. these tales are called ferrytales, and consists of
text plus freezed vectors with cycling stencil in 28 colors. ok... enough shit
for now.   hey teeze, let^s booze a bit more!   ok, no time for computing now
... ^sk[l f;r alkohol och anarki!^ ... we^re going to the cinema now ... see ya
later...     ...17 hours later...yo!  just woke up at 3 pm to make the final
modifications of the code to this intro... ok, i won^t type much technical bull
excrements in this scrolly, like the arrogant coders who type shit like  ^ did
you know that the color cycles above are calculated with a couple of magnetic
attractors with the field strength being inversely proportional to the distance
of the attractors, and that the square roots are calculated in realtime ??? ^ . 
 ooops, i promised not to have any techno stuff like that...    ...but that was
of course a lie! ho ho ho... of course i have to be arrogant and boast a bit,
too, as everyone else does so!  hope you can stand it!   some other pseudo
interesting facts about this intro are for instance the double buffered sprite
list and the fact that the logo turns to med res when twisting.  i tell you this
because otherwise you wouldn^t have noticed a shit of the beautiful half size
pixels i^ve been working so hard to achieve ... dc.l 01009200 ... alright, that
wasn^t too hard!     ...well, see you later this evening...there will be a party
somewhere and there will be lots of boozing and hopefully flexy, tua, wu li,
teeze, skywise, lexter, marvin, myself and perhaps some more cool guys will be
there...                           ...snyft! det bidde inge partaj! brist p[
lokal... och man vill ju inte vara ute i kylan och supa... vi bor ju faktiskt i
lappland...   men vi f[r v'l spara v[ra flaskor med kronvodka och hembr'nt till
n'sta helg!  d[ j'vlar!!!        ...if you want to contact anarchy ..... forget
it !!! we are drowning in contacts!  flexy joined only some weeks ago and he^s
already got disks up his ears!!!   aaaahh! only joking! write to teeze or flexy
for cool, hot, fast, slow and professional swapping ... that means no lamers!
... read their addresses somewhere else...      well, well...  we^ll arrange a
party in sweden soon, suppose you already know about that, but i^d just like to
remind^ll be in nyk;ping, sweden, during the easter holiday or
something like that. with a little bit of luck, we^ll have our mega demo ready
by then.    so get your stuff ready, if you want to release it at the biggest
party ever in sweden!   at least we hope so!   but there^ll be lots of people
anyway, ^cause many famous and cool groups have promised to come!  see the party
invitation for more info!       yawn! i^m a bit tired of writing scrolltexts
now...hmmm , let^s see what to write about ... oh yes! some personal hippie
hippie handshakes and hellos from myself!       hey dan! what about the
previews? lost my address???   i won^t bite you!  anyroad, see you in nyk;ping! 
     twister! have you recieved my christmas gift yet ??? hope so!      tua den
m'ktansfulle... tuborg rules!!!        power parrot of lappland commando force! 
pay me for intro coding!! now!! ha ha...     photon eller protec eller proton
eller positron eller vad du nu kallar dig nu f;r tiden... om du kommer till
nyk;ping f[r du se till att inte sm'lla av!!!  s[ ta^t lugnt!       zims!!! ta
ut tummen ur r;ven och h'lsa p[ oss!  f;rresten, har du n[got nytt coolt projekt
p[ g[ng???         nibbler... yo man!   j'vla kgb agent...buggar
telesamtal...hmmm. inte bra... vilken v'g som helst, s[ ses vi, kanske snarare
'n du tror...       torulf  ^wolf^  bryngelsson och karlsberg  ^dr.satan^ 
rangelberg eller vad ni nu hette... kommer ni n[gon vart med kodningen???       
marc panther!  say after me ... ^teeze 'r en skitst;vel^  , and if you ever meet
a nice swedish girl, try saying  ^jag vill slicka din plaskv[ta fitta^  to her! 
  the success is guaranteed!     bruno of anarchy!!  cool music! keep it up this
way! ^controller^ is simply mega cool and brutal!          hey, sulky fellow of
vertigo. saw an old demo of yours the other day which got me to you
have anything against wraith, or are you just friends ???  send me a postcard or
something...anyway, i^ve got some suggestions for the name of your next demo ...
^ride the vector^ , ^vector days revisited^ , ^disposable vectors^ , or perhaps
^fill to black^ , ^filled under ice^ , ^filling death^ or ^for whom the vectors
fills^ ...anyway...metal rules!!!        and finally a message to alta of
silents ...jag har f[tt en ny telefon! den 'r i dynamic fringe free super hi res
ham med 48 bitars f'rger och har rej trejsing med upp till 256 ljusk'llor i
realtid ...utan extra h[rdvara!!! sl[ det om du kan!!!              phew...that
was it!  see ya in our next production!

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