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... .. . . ... . .  hi dork !  $   this is # atomic intelligence # !   ...  and
dis time we're very proud to present to you:   fishmania iii (the revenge) !    
       .          yo !   diz is milkshake of a.i. who's writing some text for
ya' ...    first of all please notice that we're  n o t  the group named atomic
!   our name is atomic intelligence !!!   ...    and now da credits...    funky
code by:  the burger !         fishy graphixx by:  milkshake !  (isin't dis char
weird ?   it's called mixed-char !)         the muzaque was ripped from an old
invisible crime intro (crystal-hammer remix !)        yo !  the burger wan't to
say something now, so dis is milkshake giving da keys to...       the burger !  
    yo ho - is greenland great ???   that was not a stupid scroll joke !!! but i
can tell ya one : ?  what's the difference between an elephant and a lemmon
?????    ha ha ha ha   of cozz you don't know the answer, but don't think i'm
going to tell ya the answer !!!!  but perhaps a litle later $$$$ now for a place
and time status @ @ @ @ @     the time is : 21.13.41 o'clock  the place is my
place, that means a dark cold celler in denmark......    lots of trolls and fish
are crawling around on the floor - i'm listening to some hip-hop, rap and
acieeeed from my old stereo-tape-recorder-audio-novisueleffectsystem
(no.visuel.effect.system)-and with a very black colour !!!   now milkshake is
trying to call the hospital for help to get me disconected from the keyboard
before it eats me !! so i better let the keyeater over to milkshake with beans
..........    not beans you stupid dick-face ! ... it's milkshake with banana
!!!!!!   i wan't to tell ya a bit about my muzak-taste !    i'm a ; house ;
freak and my favorite pieces of house right now is...  kiss amc with a bit of...
  public enemy with fight the power...   and beastie boys with hey ladies...    
 yo !       $ vreak  $ !    wot the fuck is a vreak ?    it's a person who
watches a hell lot of video films !  you know ph(one)reak, c(omputer)reak,
v(ideo)reaks... ..  smart eh ?        but a  > r e a l < vreak will also have to
obey the following rules    1. have a vreak day-night atleast once a week...   
2. when you are vreaking watch minimum 4 films (maximum 39421 !) in a row...  
3.drink minimum half a liter of soda (coke, fanta, sprite 7$up etc.)  per film
(4 films = 2 liters, 39421 films = 19710,5  liters !)   4. minimum 65% of the
movies must contain violence, sex and horror !...    well, if you obey those
rules then your a real vreak !   this must be a good chance for me to send a
special  $ hi $  to garfield and defeat (both members of a.i.) who are my
vreak-partners !     well, milkshake of atomic intelligence signing off !     
...     the burger is back !!!!  with the answer to my joke : the lemmon is
yellow !!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha    support greenpeace            eat burgers
and drink milkshake !!! ...                well, well, a time passed by we
travelled through desserts, swamps, jungles and a tourist-information-office ? 
...  and we finaly reached my place (milkshake's!) ...  so, now we're sitting
here in front of my (very) amiga !   and we decided to write a
mega-large-giga-scroller!       well, the burger (if he was  t h e burger i
would die!  (caused by total starvation !))  want to hammer down some words for
ya'!     ....               hillo dope rappers ?       i'm back  -  this time
with some inside-information about our group...          first of all some facts
about our c-64 division: we don't like their mega-demo (and the fact that their
re-using some of zenix's old c-64 routines dosen't make it better, does it ?    
and what makes it even worse is that they don't even give him the credits !!! 
but, he really dosen't care coz of 2 reasons...  1. he dropped the c-64 and has
been working on the amiga for a long time now...  2. the sources are old and
they are not quite up to the c-64 standard at the moment (they were a year ago
!)   so, we really think that our c-64 guys should stop their c-64 activities
and start on the amiga instead !               now for our amiga-division: first
of all we would like to say welcome to our new members called: ice lord and
shock, they are our new modem-traders and mega-swappers !!!  ps: we might open a
bbs some day, so look out for it ! ...   let's continue with some more facts
about our amiga-division ! ...     the last 4-5 month we have become stronger
and stronger and at the moment we are getting letters from people almost every
day who wanna swap with us, both lame-groups and very cool guys  !     our demos
are also getting better and better, and we are getting better and better, faster
and faster, more and more dominating    stop it milkshake  !!    no ego-trips in
this demo please !!!     ok ?        we actualy don't think that we are the
greatest, the best, the coolest or anything like that (as many other groups do
(ofcourse some guys have the right to claim these facts 'bout themselves!!))    
             $      yo!  this is milkshake and i would like to send a few
messages to some of my friends...   hi blackstar/cryptoburners - it will take
some time before the mag-routine is finnished, but when it's coded, we would be
most thankfull if you wanted to be an editor !       message to rene/beastie
boys - hope we'll meet  each other at some copy-party very soon...   
ampex/quartex - stop filling deflex's disks with sand (have you been on the
beach lately???) anyway keep-on doing those great qualy-cracks!    
farao/kefrens - i'll call you soon !           and also a message to d.o.c. and
invisible crime - contact us !!!            ... end of messages ! ...           
   if ya' wanna swap then write to:          kent s. jensen      -     
ringk0bingvej 9 2tv      -      8000 aarhus c      -      denmark...           i
repeat:          kent s. jensen      -      ringk0bingvej 9 2tv      -      8000
aarhus c      -      denmark...          or try this one:     anders mikkelsen  
  -     fritz sybergs vej 16     -     8270 h0jbjerg     -     denmark...       
   i repeat:     anders mikkelsen     -     fritz sybergs vej 16     -     8270
h0jbjerg     -     denmark...                hope ya' got it !!!!!!!!!          
                  well, now were going to do something very-un-normal (atleast
for us it is!)     yes, we will send some greetings to all those contacts which
we remember right now !           prepare for total-boreness ...................
                 first of all a few special-regards to these guys  -  quartex
(ampex)   cryptoburners (blackstar)   kefrens (farao)   beastie boys (rene)  
the sex wax (striker)   the flash team (dos)   the silents (black eye)         
and also greetinxx to  -  abyss   acme factories   action academy austria  
amiga industries and freedom force   antiriad   armada   asia   bamiga sector 1
dk   baobab conspiracy   black monks   brainstormers   cartel   choise   crazy  
crime   crusaders   doomday team   electronic artists   e.s.a.   exec   finnish
bit wizards   ghostriders   hi-tech of mirage int.   horizon   icarus   impact
inc.   ipec elite   it   italian bad boys norway   manowar   mechanix   night
stalkers   north star   overlords   parade   phaze 101   phenomena   pulsar  
razor 1911   reality   rebels   red boys   route 66   ruling company   scorpion 
 silents   software of sweden   team-x   the future boys   the gate   the new
system   the rising force   too tall   top swap   t.p.e.   trade   treasure  
trilogy   upfront   vision   vortex 42   wizzcat   x-rated   x-tron    
pheeeuuuuwwwwwww, sorry to all those we forgot !             now a few fuckings
to the people we realy hate  first of all a special fucking to the greatest
danish lame group: the spaceballs (balls ?  ha ha ha ha !!!)          normal
fuckings goes to: dadi of orion 5 - you suck ! (the rest of orion 5 is allright!
- we guess!)            ... that's it ! ...                 milkshake and the
burger of the mega-mighty atomic intelligence signing off !                     
                        c u l8r !            . . . .. .. .. . . . (sos)

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