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hello all ya cool freaks behind whiskey bottle... b l o o d suckers presenting
again and still very dispirit demu called - bloodbath in paradise - released at
scoopex sf, byterapers and ecsdasy compu-conference. wanna know crediz ? yep,
code puked by hoffi ( it is me ) * gfx shitted by scy * mussax fucked by
bassbomb ( song is called bombsoul ), pissings to the communist cowboy for
giving some mathematic schematics and muna support ! doing this demu i spent
many nights and lights, hundreds cigarettes, few cigars, 20 liter coca cola, 70
coffein pills ( coffein is coders best friend after pussy-cat ), 260 bottles of
beer, 4 koskenkorva-vodka, 2 finlandia-vodka, 12 visiting in restaurant ( pub )
boozing beer and drinks, 12 hours sex, 1 hour anal sex, 30 minutes fist-fucking,
20 hours shit-loving, 9 hours fixing my amiga. sorry folks, sorry guys. we are
not nazis, yeah ya heard right, we are not nazis !!! we are changed. we are now 
children of christ !!! we are religious, we testify lestadio-cult. we stopped
drinking beer, boozing, we stopped all alcohol using, smoking and drug using !
we cannot watch tv bcause of our religion. we help people who need it and save
dirty souls. we are children of god, we are normal now !!! +++++ and now a
little commercial break +++++ i am thrashman and  i am here to tell you that
bloodsuckers is the voice you should listen travelling your way to joys of
paradise.+++++ so , our  dearest friends ,come with us,and we will show what
means happy life with god.okay , gotta go , shit on its way............. huh,
hoffie writing again. our red hector and sillents copy-party went fine except
few complications like  blaah, i am gonna write some artickles about those
parties to some magazines so read em there.     halleluja halleluja, time is
02.27.16 am  10.08.1990 ad and now i am in thrashman place. we have copy-party
with x-beat on 14-16.9.1990. only boozing, boozing and possible copying. best
finnish guys will be there. contact irwin/x-beat or bs to get more infos ( hey
crux/silents, come and see what means copy - p a r t y ! ).  lets continue. now
i will write this little story before mega-greez... pelle and his friend kalle,
normal country boys decided to take a little trip to nilsia, they were in the
mood for some real fun... whenever they took a vacation, the 2 friends always
picked up a girl in kuopio to go with them... heidi was a perfect choice! she
was super-sexy and lewd beyond description. her sexual appetite waz
enormous...two large throbbing pieces of male meat were just what heidi needed.
one would never have been enought to satisfy her unbelievable need to be fed
with prick! in other words, heidi was obsessed by a mans equipment. every time
she saw a heavy, handing dick, she felt compelled to put in into her mounth and
to suck it into fighting stiffness .....sensured.....sensured over 4 kilos
text......finnish sensor strikes......  what the way to start a holiday! thats
it....hoblaa! this is yip of pure-byte writing! .....   we (axa/x-men & i)
hadjust some girls here in this copyparty in mind. we asked the to join usfor a
shower! yeah! for a shower!!!    guess what happened???   okay, thegirls were
from kuopio, of course (just my dick!) and they came into the dressing-room
allright, but when we went to shower they would not come.    ...and thats not
all!  they took our trousers and all other underwear!   yohhhoho!   we (axa and
yip) had to walk through all those lamers with our balls and dick hanging around
to look for our trousers!!!  that is somefun would not you say???   (besides all
the girls were laughing in front ofus...)  By the way, the names of those
lamer-girls were paula and jaana!  be careful of them, will ya!        yip
signing off........ haistakaa vittu heterot! homot rulez, yeah, copy-party
boozing section here writing here, we love animals at least tight hole ones,
yeah incest... continue...yeaaaah !!!! this is storm (not the fucking best) of
ex-scoopex writing i am veru drunk at now but who cares ...... i am in
thebyterapoers - scoopex and extasy party and i am love with hoffi causehe fuck
me in my ear !!! i love that ya know !!!!.......we are reral boozers ya know
!!!!! and now it is hoffis turn to write............oh no, warrior of
koskenkorva wodka are here writing ( it is me ( hoho)) now time is time and i
have drunk only 10 beers ( only 5 percent beer ) and half of bottle koskenkorva
wodka bottle and still very clear mood with cool action, blaah... somebody else
takes    aaaaaarghghghrhr!!   sperm flies!!!  yeah! hoffis
ass blew up.... and this time its atariman of wizzcat raping your brains... you
fuckinglittle bastard....  i am very depressed, because we couldnt make ourparty
demo ready... aarghgh... toptronic sucks!!..  lehmuskoski: i wantyou!!!... here
are lots of boozers but i am totally clear!!... shit!!... vituttaaa.... mr.
zerotrack haisee pahalle, kun sen esinahka vedetaanalas.. yok...     se siita,
diehardihmemikalie 2 odottaa.. see ya!!it is mister puke here writing some
scroll text to this lame demoimage sucks!!!!!!!!  if you want to swap cool stop
write to : mika hofrenaisatie 6 kuopio kirjeeseen merkinta  lamers! nam! nam!
nam! miks ihmeessa??? yip rules ok!  my name is foad of altair!!!ehe ehe !!!
hai... who oss fuck mig dig nara sig min roven this? Well. I must say, that i am
wondering why these lame-people are sleaping at 2am aclock! Are these party or
are these somethingelse? terrible. bear, bear, bear and ass yes. jus drink, and
get drunk!iisalmi, whats that... who known, rapers is stinking.... partyparty is
this party? sure is! saturday 5.35 200 people. that cant be so bad. oooh all
those drunks.. ow they must love that guy who did not let them inside... yours
grendel... fly you fly!    the greateness of beingdead is unbearable. life
itself is a meaningless struggle for survivaland it does not consist any real
challenge for the mind without existencein this material plane. what you need is
to try dying. death with painis the most beautiful thing a living thing can ever
achieve, ever evendream about.  try death, you will not lose anything.   signed
by theshadow from the very underdark of finnish scene, dead for many
centuriesand lover of the anti-graviton gumball, moku.....         hi here is
alien of ex hades, i left the team because there was no new productions coming
soon. Now a am looking for a new team, if you need gfx, swap, of something like
that contact  me at address: alien, eerontie 1 a 1, 02180 espoo, can
be lame but dont be hoffibloodsuckers-when milk is enough.     yeee, diz is
proton of complex on da board... here is soooo much of nice scrolltexts..  why
the hell everybody always try to write something about drinking...  i just ate
some kind of bullshit with a real water.  it was .....   uargh...     my brains
are going to be out of order, bcoz also i took some bottles of coca-cola just
before i tried to eat...    now i will go to eat some lamers, so i must leave
this so groovy gayboard...    proton signs off... .. .Ja ompas taas hiljaista,
pitaakin lahtea kaljaa hakemaan... here is our member-status in abc-order : 
bassbomb - cardinal - chuck d - communist cowboy - cyborg - dj.t - highlander -
hoffi - rawar - sience - scy - thrashman - wicked  we are contactable at :  
hoffi  *  postbox 12  *  70501  kuopio  *  finland         or       rawar  * 
postbox 33  *  74101  iisalmi  *  finland       or       ( amiga,64,video ) 
sience  *  spindermolen 23  *  3371 rn  *  hardinxveld  *  holland    or      
harri tikkanen  *  jysinaho  *  74700 iisalmi  *  finland        all other
things contact to bloodsuckers hq at :  bloodsuckers hq  *  postbox 12  *  70501
kuopio  *  finland........ and now it is time for greez * in abc order *
777-team , 8th sense , abakus , abandon , accession  , adept , alcatraz , alpha
flight , anarchy uk , armada , avenger ,axenon , axept , beach inc , beastie
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wizzcat , x beat , x-men , zombie boys  and so on... scrolltext restarting, see
ya later fans

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