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peace,brothers...   p e a c e                      ö    yep,it's us again...
still hanging around... but just for fun!it's been a while from our last intro
which was actually released on march the 7th 1990... there's been some partying
around lately (for about 6 and a half months) but who the fuck cares about that?
anyway,now you can enjoy this megashit... just remember that you can pause this
boring scroller with f1 and continue reading with f2!useful if you have to
answer the phone too often (like i,awcy,have to) or pause this while fetching
something to eat (because this intro will be a long lasting one) or for anything you all probably knowõ midnightsunþ and fart leftö us on august,just
a few days before we decided to kick out almost all our all was a sum
of some internal problems (like too fucking many members,most of 'em doing
absolutely nothing but just lazying around and enjoying the reputation of being
a clone) õ butù now it all has been done and we're happy (some bugs removed)
önow the guys of midnightsun are really doing some great work around...   
ok,lemme tell ya sumthin!i'm dr.ooze and i'm fuckin' tired of all those doctors
who keep rappin' around and think that they've got cool names...õ like those
guys in crusaders.i've got nothing against them but those dr.x names just make
me want to ýbarf up their would really give me great satisfaction to
see them rip that 'dr.' away from their names.remember,no hard feelings but a
big barf!dr.ozzie signing off (for a while...?)    ugh!it's doc azzyö (commonly
known as awcy or the party animal) around you already have
noticed,music has a big influence on my life (in fact i caught a flue few days
ago) and the only way of living for me is having some... ð ...around and living
like a madman!at least most of the people think so.but no way!i'm going to be a
homeboy for some weeks (i bet i can't but i'm still trying) this whole intro was
inspired by udo's album 'faceless world' and the lyrics of his songs.just listen
to his songs and understand... by the way,ooze drew a niceõ tractor and we're
going to release a tractor demo in the near future (who could believe?) and
what's mostû terrible,we have no swappers!brainie quit his swapping career and
we'll see if something happensö... the main reason for stopping the lousy
swapping was that there's no point in swapping some bloody stupid games and pay
a million postage fees and after that you can't even afford to go to the
cinema!and your friends fade away!(hi!here's sumthin!send fast!bye!) and then
think of the games!once you've seen them,you immediately forget 'em... no
sense... nonsense!well,i guess i'll pass this turn to oozeõ for a while,try to
survive...      oooooooze (dr.) is back,but... don't you think that we ain't the
same anymore!though we might seem to be dying and wilting and shrinking and...
ò ...around it doesn't necessarily have to mean that we're loosing our touch!no
way!we just keep on boaring around... as you are about to see.i (ooze) am still
able to create sum sick text... (unfortunately it's true! Eawcy) ...and
well,well... here we go! ð  that's what we like...ä oooooh,lemme tell ya
sumthin (again?) awcy is crawling on the floor and gnawing my feet!he just loves
sucking my toes (especially the big one) and i can't say that it doesn't feel
good for me,toooohh... ö ooh,isn't that beautiful (down there,the poem,idiot!)
but, back in bus(in)ess (wot's 'ess'?) while my fluids are running freely on the
floor as the sucking goes on i'm still missing brainie at the same time.he
really has the power and might in sucking one's ears... ah,what a nympho i am!i
can't get enuff (winger) but fortunately õi noticed that sucking my father's
huyndai hdp 910 printer gives me a real hard on! and so... everything seems úto
be like heaven for me! but every paradise's got it's this one it
strangely resembles my lower organs (dick,sucker!) enough of orgasms,or what? so
it's awcky's turn to crap my keyboard... one has to suffer to get satisfaction
(this was satisfaction,awcy will take care of the pain) so here he comes...  
another time,another pain,another...     awcy!(too bad... really) well,this
sucking intro was really ment to be released somewhere in may but as always i
broke down and didn't have the guts to code (or as the others say i usually
'code') for 5 months and now i finished this and... ahhhhh!it's
beautiful!(beurk!) sorry you guys there in usa but my hyprabeautiful equroutine
is invisible for you... what a pity!(i think you are the happiest ones...)
oeoeh!ö do you believe if i tell you that we've got 23 of these posters in
store? i don't... i'm too serious,so i think i'm going to write sum bullshit (as
ooze places it...) ... the crucial thing is that ooze went downstairs fetching
some cheese for us... seemingly he's just eating it all by himself and when he
returns we'll see a smiley face laughing at us.ooze is still the same ugly
slimenose that he was some years ago (about 2 years ago) ... gosh!it's been
almost 2 years from our firstie!let's celebrate!(where the fuck is the
champagne?) nobody shouldõ catch a flue!this feeling is bloody cruel.i feel
tired.ünow there's something i want to confess.i was really depressed during
last spring but i've come back and started to live again.most of all,thanks to
all my buddies (the coeoerers (cCCrers),you know who you are guys!thanx for the
summer)ö and to all the girls (?what?) who've helped me to live again... at the
moment i'm having the nicest class in the world and fortunately ooze isn't on my
class... poor fellow!anyhow,regards to the... ø ...i know and respect. thanks
to heidi,pBlvi and marja... you all mean a lot to me,believe it or not!just
check out the poster below... it tells it all!aeh,let's cut that sentimental
bullshit and continue with something else... wellwellwell,it's the time for some
regards for some friends (because i suppose that if they've read this far
they'll soon stop...) so i'll pass my... ÷ ...regards to    E striper of
horizon E saigonõ of savage E einstein of razorá 1911 E xor of d.mob E dunk
&ö oswald & phobos & diabolos of midnightsun E hellraiser of venom E mahoney E
john of billyjohn E warlock of dictators sf E grendel of byterapers E rainman E
raster of dual crew E metalic of infinity E watchman & cable of complex E hihat
of the link E express of cinefex design E princeps of desaster area E eku of
cave E ecs of crusaders E whitesnake & vdx & crux of wizzcat E apache of vertigo
and of course theõ other fellas i know and love... (wiCCCCCCd...) let's rapô
this thing overö... neon broadway sign... uuuuu... she's a little runaway...
ooze wants to tell you a little story about what happened during the summer
'90... go ahead,make my day...          yomh,that's what i'm gonna do!last
summer was the craziest one for a while... in fact i've never lived a crazier
one!actually it all began in was the first of may when awckwyche and
bratizlaw were totally drunk.they spent theõ night with yuckiz and wolf (the
talaskanìgas man) and probably had the time of their life.i wasn'tö there and
they can't remember it clearly so i can't tell for sure.i was drunk,too,but i
was in min the summer began,the destruction began knocking on the doors
of our neighbours and in fact the whole village was about to be destroyed... it
was no longer a place of living,it was a great partyground. ('fuck you'
Eparticle...) the beginning of summer was quite quiet.there was a class party in
a bloody cottage but i don't want to remember that one.then the time of partying
burst off... it was the midsummerfest and no special actions were to be done.but
my parents were atõ our sommarstuga (ota floxil! Eparticle) and we decided toã
start... ò our place.thatö was the fatal mistake!as the night went on
people went through our house 'cos some bloody party animal had left the door
open.the result was total havoc... no windows were broken,but several pieces of
furniture were now literally pieces!i was too drunk to prevent the people raging
in our house. (in fact ooze was trying to get some sleep in a storeroom and he
barfed... Eawcy) that's true... unfortunately!just when iõ fell asleep on a
pile ofë mats my pal tomppa poika kinnunen ran shoutingö through the night and
told me that a girl (13 years old,but about that later) had driven with a moped
after drinking 2 beers (hysterical laughter... lamer!) and drove it straight
into a ditch.she came to us bleeding and confused... tomppa took the part as the
hero and savior and... (he paid the taxi to the hospital.) earlier in the
evening he had tried to get in contact with the girl by trying to get her so
drunk that she couldn't understand anything and would give him what he wanted...
make your own conclusions. (i made mine.tomppa was desperate! Eawcy) as the
morning lightsõ sprang throughè the curtains and struckö my sore (red) eyes
and i walked to the fridge for some lemonade to quench my thirst i saw the most
horrifying sight in my life... terror and destruction!later on that day i went
with tomppa to the hospital to look how the girl was doing.that was one of the
worst moments of horror in my life!tomppa had a terrible hangover and some
alcohol must have been still running in his veins... he drove on through the
city like a drunk does... and i was struggling to stay alive! (and that bloody
tomppa made me to call to the hospital in the morning while i was still too
drunk!fuck him! Eawcy) when my parents came home the chat we had was... well,
let's forget that one!    the midsummerfest at my place gave the kick for the
things that went on through the rest of the summer.the police were about to
comeõ there but they didn'tî find the place.since that began the era of
partyline... awcköowitzt had parties at his place every weekend in friday and
saturday.i only drank about two or three times a month but awcy and brainie did
it at least twice a week!when whitesnake n' vdx of wizzcat spent a weekend at
awcky's place it was the event of the summer.i boozed only once during that time
but some people there did it for four days!that was also the time when the first
signs of dr. awcky's desperation took place.after that every weekend he tried to
get sum p...y.unfortunately he never succeeded (well,it was unfortunate for him
but the... ø ...were surelyõ fortunate for not getting inç touch with him and
his diseases)ö (look who's talking! Eawcy) he (awitzlavinzky) got the idea of
wearing barfy clothes in the spring and for the rest of the summer he kept
rapping downtown wearing them.he had a note reading 'party animal' pinned to his
ugly tie,and after that he got a really nice reputation. (sure... Eawcy)
haa!it's awcy here while ooze's talking bull in the phone (even he gets some
phonecalls) za daa!the summer was really a nice event.i got a fucking reputation
of being really an animal and nobody had the guts to even talk with me! (weird)
but i think it was still fun like hell... for example i didn't manage to get
beaten up!but ooze gets knocked down because of his smiley face (that one
happened actually in autumn but who cares?) i counted that i gave about 13 or 14
parties... not less or more.and now this autumn nobodyõ wants to keep parties
but stillå everybody (i mean everybody) visited my place.assholes!i have
somekind of a curse because everytime i visit a party there will be a plate (or
something like that) broken.but that's not my fault,or is it?ö well,let's blame
ooze or someone else for some minutes... ooze is really a weird boozer.he never
seems to be drunken (that's maybe because i'm dead drunk) and still he's rapping
around like we do.but he never (except that midsummerfest) drinks a lot of
alcohol.just a tiny bit to get the funny mode on.then brainie... this guy is one
of the hardest partymen around here (after me of course) and we usually (very
often) drink together and decide to take a ride downtown... then we spread some
paperplates,plastic spoons or forks around the streets and give autographs to
people we know.and never forget the big van filled with old magazines!do you
people out there know how looooong faces people have when we offer them about 15
magazines toõ get for free... i bet nobody understands the highlights of
collecting any stupid things and then spreading themí but us...? right?
aeaeaehö (BBBh in finnish),i'll wait for ooze to return back here because he
went on eating... stay tuned,friends...   (ota floxil taas! Eparticle)      oh
yeh!dr. ooze is back... tell me why i had to be a powerslave... (iron maiden)
yes,we (i(ozgulotter),braqusloth & awckyliero) were torturing our ears (sweet
pain) in iron maiden's concert in helsinki ishallen in 12.11.1990. that was a
real turn on for us.we were not drunk (surprise!) but people around us looked at
us and thought that we were sumkinda maniacs or something like that.we moshed
and yelled and sang and did other typical (for us) things they did not
understand... they just stared at us with their bulbous eyes and sat as if they
were petrificated.well,at least we had great time! (hiyap,apacheõ of vertigo!)
we had nice seatsâ and saw eddie stumble inö the microphone wires... it looked
kinda funny to see the roadie crawl out of the fallen eddie!    yep,back in
pi(l)sne(r)s... i just have to send my greets to xor of d.mob!you know i'll be
in love with you forever even though i left you (?) well,you might understand
but then,you might not!funny... he he (dry giggle)  do you want to know what are
the two things awcky would never throw up? if beer is not counted,of course. no?
did you say no? well, i didn't hear that! so, the first one is a single
kCttpirog (a meatpie or sumthin like that in englischschsch...) but the special
thing about that is the fact that he doesn't care to split it but just spruits
theõ ketchup and mustard on it!æthat looks disgusting!(ooze thinksö so! Eawcy
 yoh yoh yoh pox pox pox xpo xpoxpxo  ... and brainie and particle and... Eozzi)
yespox,the another one is a fresh slice of rye bread with a greasy piece of
metwurst (salami?) on it... that seems to be a suitable meal when you're having
a bad hangover.blCrgh!   have you ever tried to swing (with a swing) when you
have the same menthol and physicool state... it's a nice feeling to have your
inner fluids splashing up and down within your stomach... and then,with a final
burst they run up your throat and out through your mouth... in your mouth a nice
smell will then exist (poetry?) but the best sensations are visual!if you don't
remember where you spent your money in the evening,you have then a nice chance
to find out.i have several such experiences... once i hadõ driven a moped
throughó the town (drunken) and wentö into a shoppe to buy a missing link for
my helmet.but as i came home i couldn't remember where i spent my bunch of
cash... the answer came out after few swings... splat!and there,i found the
'link' in the barf memory began running normally and all was clear!you
should try!about enough of me,wot? no? well,i still think i will pass the
tangentbord to dr.zwacky... uuh!it's me again (the party animal) slice me a
piece of bread,ozzi... thank you!ahaaah,my hunger was growing too fast to
survive so killed it... i'm a savage beast!no no!i am surprisingly writing again
some normal text while ooze is taking care of the normal bullshit amount in our
prods.that's what he's good at as you can all see... now i'd like to announce a
competition.who is going to invent theõ most complicated version of my name
(originally awcy) ??ï and the winner has to be a realö genius because some
bloody fuckers can create a looong name but with no sense and jokes in it...
boring!so create a funny name based on 'awcy' and win the prize!it's so damn
easy (no clones allowed guys...) (perkeleen assi!
Eoozolawnmowersnowdiggerbarfnigger) yep,that really explains why EnoE clones others wouldn't stand a chance against these majestic aliens.ha!i
decided that this intro has no exit!yeee!are you fucked up? (you should be...)
sorry but i can't be sure that the system works fine after my 'code' if it's
over 300 kb long (not the 'code' but the whole shit together,got it?) õlet's
switch to a scroll from last friday night... ê    ....yo!it's another friday
night atö braqu's place and of course the fellas (braqu,azzy & 14y rainhalt)
are boozing.remember awcky telling you about himself being a homeboy for a
couple o' weeks? well,now it's been proved that he can't hold himself away from
booze... he's sipping now some aurora wine and lapin kulta iii beer and is
intending to go downtown (to search sum girls... desperate again?) o well,i'm
ooze and i'm just fucked's mainly because i've got no beer nor wine to
booze down... aaaaaaargh!oh,prepare for brain damage,awcky is snatching the
tangentbord from my hands... i'm the law.... oooooorrrrrrhhhh... screw you!this
is awcy wanker (ooze)... no it's really awcy and brainie and 14y rainhalt
boozin' down some alcohol here (happy now ooze?) ... we're really going downtown
but not so desperate as ooze told bcos no way of meeting chicks who don't know
me (awcy) as i'm having a nice reputation around this fucking place...... fuck
you awcy.this is 14y rainhalt here.guys are very drunk and i feel
sucks.goddamn.fuck the system aaaajeeee.ooze is fucked.yo!braqu here writing
some bullzhit to herz (here ya know...) i'm starving.oh!sorry,i'm drunk!!!!so yo
know assi is enormous larvihole... brainy off... assi (awcy) again with some
bright details about some crazy fellas around this place... tapsa (our carman)
is sober... ooze is sober too... brainie,i (awcy) and rainhalt are pretty drunk
at the moment already... well who cares anyway now... 14y here again and i'm
drunk too, but i am feeling very well.there's somebody who doesn't feel so
well.ooze is wearing a gay hat and he is a gay,i think.awcy and brainie are in
the toilette.what would they do there? i'm thinking about the same thing,i
think,but why they are staying so long there? but who the hell am i.i'm the 14
years old guy so i'm the 14y.awcy came here and he is drunk oh jeeeeeeeeeee... 
awcy here and sorry but i and brainie were speaking to minna and heli down in
kuusankoski.14y here again and i'm very drunk,but i'm feeling very good.yo!it's
braqu here again!aaaajeeee!it feels so great now!i wanna have lots of fun!and i
will have ya know... oho!!!kiitti vaaan!assi perkele!imeõ lapzin
kultaaas!uuuhhh tease me please me!09.aaaajeeee. yep,it's saturday morning or is
it?    oooolrait,i think this intro has enuff text so we'll cut the bullshit and
leave you guys resting in pieces...                        é ...stink!         
                                      ...congratulations!you made it!and for

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