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Halloidusxis!!! this is a new demo from coma... this demo is called sunset... 
release date of this is 08.05.1991. at first the credits: code by elwood,  
music by topaz,   logo by blockbrain,   font by darxon,   picture in the last
part by blockbrain.   here we are the whole team (almost everybody) the
way, I'm AMIGAZE and I'm so fucking drunk that I can't even write my name
properly cccc...zzpiieh!!! ss# .....auuu!!! Yeaaah!!! It's Defrone and Topaz now
typing some drunken bullshit... we are having a great time here at coma's
meeting in ylivieska!!!!  at first we'd like to send some special hillos: 
defrone's golden hellos to  worm, ace of scrapers  tronix of defcon1 minna of
anal intruders (my girlie!)  freddy of artemis   and all others!!!! topaz send
greets to these following things :  moonstone of parallax (your inthrow was from
assi holex(hehhi))   hippo of goldengays   painkiller of lamellax and all other
so fucking cool guys. and now elwood is writing... i just send some messages
now... at first hello to zedy, one of the coolest guys i know. and fuckings to a
local lamer called spaadero (also called as sir byte)... and fuckings to mr.
takatalvi too...  yeah... no more messages from elwood.   now it's defrone
speaking again!!!! biggest fuckings to wolverine: veda katees saatanan homo!!!!
contact me 4 hot mailtrading:   defrone of coma   .     killontie 15    .   
33950 pirkkala   .      finland        . ok,thats it!!! i think it's someone
other's turn!!!! text restarts now, so press left one to see some nice
Scroll Text (Second Scroll)
....This is Stalker writing ... it's 22:17  but who carez, beer tastes good. So,
what the f..k is going on here ??? Lamers are crawling all over the place !!!
Sssshhiiiittt !!!! Gotta go, see ya later ........ This iz darxon of coma sf. i
wasn't too eager to write at all, but Stalker just passed out! So there's no
choice! What the hell should one say, while having nothing whatsoever to
say....all I've to say is dat while other teams concentrate on being fast, cool,
multi-mega-whatever coma sf means      f   u   n  !    . now it is over to
someone else, darxon is passsssss(ing..) out!    perkele !!! this is top azz
(mauno's (darxon, that is) humor) writing again !!! (now i think it's better to
press left moussibutton!) heh eh hhehee. morninsun(star) went here ! (woow) now
it's time to her(oh)... topaz forgot to tell his address. swap musics to:  
rusakontie 37     .  40900  saynatsalo  .      finland        .morningstar
here... i think i must write something ...coma people are elite (idiots)
spectravideo is the hot for curpiza ..... kurpizza you welkam .....   plaaah! no
big letters... it is the master of laziness here... now i'm going to write fully
bully bullshit and very sick crap. bye! ok, curse is comes sum
messages...larry of euphoria: hi! I hope that you liked those films which i sent
to youMr 3D of Dimension 4: Hi! I havent heard anything of you lately...where
are you? Jugger of Panic germany: Hi! Hope that u are a cool swapperPifki of
heavy duty: hi! send sumthing to me! ok? Ed-209 of exotic men: nice
phonecall!Petrell of ?:hi! what is ur team name nowadays? Lynx of cinefex
design: Hi! nice sendings! ok, no more messages....if u are elite swapper, write
to me:      curse/coma      .       pl 17         .  sf-61501 isokyro   .     
finland       . ok...i stop writing now..... Okey here i am!!! Here is very much
beer and other drinks. My name is Ruler and I don't know what I must write, but
I try to write something real stories. I swap games and movies. If you wanna
contact me, so write this address:        Ruler        .    Laitumentie 1    .  
86300 Oulainen    .      Finland        ....yo... thiz is BlockBrain typing....
first i must say that it's great to be here... here are only great guys.... i
don't have much to say, so i must stop soon... here is my address for guys who
want to contact me for lazy friendship swappin'..... ok, here it comes.....
blockbrain        ukko-pekantie 11       84100 ylivieska        finland..... and
remember..... ... only frienship, coz friendship rulez...!!!!!   TEXT RESTARTS,

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