Complex - Paradigma Final VersionDetailsCaseRow
                              - C O M P L E X -

                           strikes you again with...
                           .oO P A R A D I G M A Oo.

                                  (A500 fix!)

	Yep, it's another second version from a demo from us...
	because first this demo should be released on AGA only,
	but now we decided to bring it also to all poor 500 users...
	So please replace your old version... thanx...

			  Crash and Argon of Complex !

	Special greetings to:
	Cuby of CRB - Muffbusters - Supplex - Contra and Ghandi
	and ofcourse to Tron, Havok and Chaos of Sanity....
	and all people who support and work for BLS!

                       P.S.:turn off all external stuff!!!

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