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fuck you! -exotic men- kicks your ass against your own will by presenting this
nearly 40kb intro entitled -chaos und ordnung- which was supposed to be released
at assembly'93 but when we heard that meegosh/movement holds the competitions we
pushed the release date a little.    (yep, about a month... little ?)  yeah, use
your mouse to change tunes!  ...yes, where were we? ah, assembly'93 was quite ok
party even some of the arrangers made our blood boil. and local police wasn't so
nice too. at the saturday night they took half of our party-force to jail and
they were sniffing our car like it could be a moving drug-wagon or something..
fuck!  hmm.. credits would be nice or whot?  code by agima  (?) - gfx by ed -
musics by grim -  and the show goes on, the music is still playing...!     
exotic men - syo ruokasi, juo viinasi, vie naisesi... ..our long awaited -party
greetings- from whole exotic men gang goes to following dudes : ale (our nr.1
fan, still have our signatures???) - all in damones - all in extend - tonteri - 
metanol and others from alcoholics - the man/acc - intruder/genocide -
loom/wartec - san miguel (too drunk? naaaah!) - skullfucker and
spycatcher/scoopex (perkele skullfucker, it was neat to booze or whot?  thanx
for everything!) - mick/desire - scy and rib from bloodhouse - humane (for some
stange reason you greeted us!?) - satisfyer/epical (pc-lamot kusee !!) -
synx/analogy - hyde/complex - monster/acc - reward - tsunami/vd/fairlight  -
hanna - tarkus team - ??? from dai - susanna - hicompu oy ltd. -
fraction/carilloncyberiadinstituutti - bannasoft/melon dezign (wasn't
koskenkorva nice?) - mic dair/complex - red chrome (just kidding! ...sorry that
coltrain pissed on your car.) - klutz - tormentor - ginky - di33y - dragzter - 
... agh! can't remember all of you, zorge!     now something less interesting
stuffie...   personally i give a fuck what everyone thinks about us...    ... 
now a list of interesting things about our assembly-trip (from wednesday 28.7 to
sunday 1.7) : six members of exotic men was present (bukefalos, coltrain, death,
delsion, ed and hammer) - about 350 bottles of beer, one bottle of pirtu 80
percent and one bottle of koskenkorva were drank - one serious drunk-driving -
two invasions of privacy - two big broken windows (not at the party-place) - 
one exm member got beaten up by stv-guards - hammer/e beated hex/damones badly -
pehu and moku/accession took legal proceedings against one of our members
because of faking some entrance tickets - coltrain, judge and hammer were in
jail (hammer was on both friday and saturday) - hammer was kicked out from us
after saturday night because of his 'not so nice' actions.                      
   ... anna mulle kaikkesi, tahdon juoda viinasi...                      
stupidicy continues....         we didn't take a part to the soccer-compo bcoz
our beer-supply didn't arrive in time - delsion got second place at
pc-gfx-compost -  ...still anyone awake?      our golden party-fuckings to
following arses:  cops of kerava (suprise!) - meegosh/movement - stv-guards -
prosecutor - all lammers who didn't like our singing - all pc-lammers for being
pc-lammers and members of nerds club inc....   and so on... many things made me
pissed at the assembly (here is ed typing btw...) but when i got home i drank a
bottle of koskenkorva and forgot the less-fucked-up things...    now a important
commerical from coltrain... send everything what you can dream of to colt's
private asuntolabox and get suprise prises! address is ... -coltrain/porsas
productions/exotic men - yrjontie 5 as 15 b - 61800 kauhajoki (paska paikka) -
finland  ...and this is not a joke, your change to get strange relationships
with us . hah!                  i don't care i don't care i don't care i don't
care                                     inspiraatio hiipuu                     
               haist' pask'!                          bfffssssssh! another
bottle is open....  aahhh... cold lapin kulta down my throat...     this scroll
is getting boring because i don't know anything to write about ass'93 or
anything else either.    if someone wants to join us as a party-member for next
big party or you just want our signatures or something you can write to ed at
this address....: rinteentie 2 - sf-63300 alavus - finland   ... i have 100
things to do, 10000 doods to phone and 100000 places to go so goodbye       
.....  another kickass night coming??????                                       
                                            alan kohta alusta!                  
            ... fuck you! -exotic men- kicks your ass against your own will by
presenting this nearly 40kb intro entitled -chaos und ordnung-      ja haista
vittu se nyt viel lopu perkele!    terqui also to virna and yab0 for not being
at the whole party... you didn't miss much.... and virna: i'll come and break
your place when you'll held that boozeparty someday... maybe i take coltrain
with me ? wouldn't that be nice or whot????     now is time to remember what
hapended some 20 minutes ago... that means scroll restarts! 

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