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hey! what am i doing here??? i suppose i should write sum crapperapL
here...or??? so,that's right,but there's only one problem...what should i
write!! ahh...let's start by changing the colorK of this scrollfont.... I haa!!
that's better... but that's only little beginning... so,what should i do next?? 
maybe iJ should start this by telling you to who you can be grateful for this
amazing(?) demo!!!   so,that's good subject to startL with!!!   H  little coding
of this  masterpiece by BGcrusher... CHmegacool music by BIwalkman...  CHall
grafix (whichK means fonts and that lamy logo) by BGapollyon... CH(hey that's
me!!)  also text wrote by me...  i really don't likeL this,but crusher didn't
have any ideas what to write so i thought that maybe i should be Ithe brave
prince and helpJ him a bit...   so,now i think i'll amaze you with my next
amazing new and cool subject... i think i'll writeL greetings now!!!  sorryG
this time there's only our (i and crusher) persenal (not personal!) greets and 
only few best greetingsK from other members of phalanx,because i don't have our
whole greetings list yet!!!    DI      megaforce - alcatraz -L cascade france
and death star - mad monks - ackerlight - north star and fairlight - the wizards
- fuk of alpha flight -J tsk crew - amigavision - crush - the gang - triangle -
thrust - worldL of wonders - horizon - nemesis - team x - kefrens - byterapers -
blaze - antrax - x men...    CGaargh... that's all iK can handle by only using
my memory... sorry for those (many of them!) who i forgot,but i really am not in
the mood of writingL greetings... H now to some other things...  first... i know
there's many guys behind that monitor (or tv?) wonderingJ 'why those guys
crusher,apollyon and walkman have made a demo for phalanx?? i thought they were
in index!!! ' but,iL can explain you that werry easily!! BI we've now joined
phalanx!!! CG and please note : stop greeting index!!! greetK phalanx instead!!!
 Hbut,just wait we'll do our very last demo under name 'index' very soon as a
'the-end demo'!!! L Iokay,now i've written quite much crap so why not continuing
with some more crap...  i've  not so gladlyJ noticed that here in finland the
postoffices have woken up from deepL dream and started to catch us poor little
(200 cm) swappers because we are using fake stamps!! for example flex of contex
wasK caught,but he didn't get into the troubles,'coz it was first time,but next
time the postofficer promised(?) to give to flexL some real fucking things to
think about.....I........sooo,i'm waiting that finnish police will wake up soon
that we'd haveJ something progressive to do!!!  G now i think i've said what i
supposed to say,so i'll wrap the hole (?) thing up!!!    J leider.... signed :
apollyon of phalanx....          H         huh huuuu....... it's me crusher now
here!! what a nightmare it was to 'code' this whole shit... there haven't been
never so much troubles,accidents,breaks of electricity than makin' this
one....well fortunately it's over now (or is it?).  anyway i hope you like this
little demo....K    before i go i'll just tell you the  present memberlist of
phalanx... (possible that there's not everybody!)  :L  cable - skyscraper -
blade - taipan - fullcrum - devil - blob - roland - buffalo - chris - apollyon -
walkman - and mJyself (crusher) and also mithrill,but he hasn't done nothing
yet........... ok,that's about it and now do something sensible!!!!!          I 
        signed : crusher

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