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generations ahead........     >2  finally here: the chromium demo by the mega
slimy scoopex!     the credits go to:   all graphics by reward!!!     except the
decrunching monster by uno of phenomena!!!       effects and musics by maso of
accession!!! (thanx, pal!)     and the unexisting coding by slayer!!!      >3   
   this demo is published somewhere in sweden in november 1990. in a some kinda
of helloween party, or something....   we are not presented in this party, but
maso of accession is taking care of this pieca of shit.....   >4 this is slayer
raping the innocent keyboard now. later in this demo there will come the
following things:>2 personal hellos from slayer and zebra, a mindblasting
'napalm love'-story from zados!, serious bullshit from slayer and unfortunately
the 'swapper-greetz' (blaaahh!!)....                                  our
contacting address is still : scoopex - 530 - 80161 joensuu - finland !
but remember to write>4 before this year end because will die then and i
have to supply another one! we are going to hold an lottery between all who will
write to the previous address due to this demo ! and the lucky winner will get
brand new bullet-belt which is 100 percent chromium ! certainly we will pay the
postages for you... by the way, that belt is supplied by reward, bloke who did
all graphics for this demo...                              >4   burb, it's
slayer here and remember that the following bullshit may not present whole
scoopex, only me!!!   ok, first something inside the group. this demo is totally
planned by reward, but 'coz of somekinda of mental disturbation caused by incest
he didn't write any text here and wasn't even sure if we should publish this!!!
but here it is!!! demo finished in two hours and scrolltexts written same day as
this should be ready. yam-yam, i love to hurry up!!! shit!!!            and
then: something about idiots....   hey storm, the fucking gayest! what do you
think you are??  you are only a bunch of farts in sahara!!!! be happy that
coke/tcc only beated you 'coz if i ever see you i will use my chain saw...      
  hey, domination! what an idiot you must be! only thing that you reached
threatening us sysops is that you showed how stupid you are. if the only thing
that you can do is threatening, then you are as low level as storm the fucking
worst!!!      grave yard is the place for both of you!!! may the holy lightning
of slayer strike you!!!      and now, ladies and 'gentlemen': the story from
zados the skinhead! he's in the army now so enjoy this 'normal' story...        
      yalallah!   who's the guy who has brains filled with pure wisdom of
stupidness?    who has the brains of finland?      who is who?     where's he?! 
   in the army now...           the right answer is: zados (zorbash after desire
of sodomy)     yohey, my fandoses!    once again i fell in love...      it was
love at the first sight...   the most beautiful thing i have ever seen...      
n a p a l m - a reason for love!!      it's really hot stuff and slimy... 
yum-yum...           in the army we had to go through the tunnel of napalm..  i
had flames on the both sides and the heat was worth of orgasm.  the next mission
was run through the bridge of napalm...     when it was my turn i had a planket
over my head, but inspite of it i got napalm-slime over my head...   hair burned
up!  holy scheisse, the pain was awful..  i passed out and woke up a couple of
minutes afterwards..   i had a bald head...    yes, zados is skinhead...   
always remember: punk never pigs!       nowadays they call me as toxic avenger
in the army..  also i have a nickname: hans christ napalm  -  shortly h.c.napalm
     in the finnish army we have to eat bullets and napalm for breakfast so in
the evening we fart fire and the whole place will burst into the flames...   
enuff napalm shit!    i thank reward for allowing me to write a little piece of
my intelligence..    flynn the bull??!     i didn't catch it!    zad.. zad..
zaa... suck my dick..  i guess nobody has read my meganapalm-scrolls in the
brains of gold-demo, so now you have a great chance to know better my dickheaded
brain-nibbles..  (yeh-yeh)    fuck'em dead!  i have 9 months left in the prison
of the army...    there's no freedom - only orders! fuck this, fuck that, fuck
behind, fuck everywhere...  stupid people..  everything you wear is a perfect
copy of other's clothes.   marsch..   wanking yuppies, farting pigfaces,
bone-headed doctors, innocent hippies and dead dreams...   emptiness surrounds
your brains in the few weeks and then you are a copy..    it was really hard to
me to shave my beard and my nice stalin-moustache..    fuck'em dead again!   
they wanna fuck my ass till it bleeds..   they wanna suck my tongue out of my
mouth bcos i'm not allowed to talk anymore..   they always ask me: who did give
you license to speak?   shut up, slimedick!        i give fucks to them...     i
am a free man...  i have freedom of speech...   this is finland, not u.s.s.r!!  
god bless my brains!      chromium tastes like opium...     i'm skinhead.. half
a man - half a brain... almost an ape!   2.5 months of dating gave me my
human-rights back. now i live like a man ..  no boozing - only hasis and cannis!
 i have a woman called katja who loves me too much..   my little lola is
sleeping in my bed waiting for my di..   no more, zados! no more dirty talk..  
well, i am very tired now and i have to go back home (army the hell) in two
hours..   i still have over 270 reasons to kick finnish government in the nuts..
    i'll fart your brains out, commie-jews!!   before i stop i wanna send some
napalms to the flynning perssons: slayer of scx (i hope this demo looks cute.
don't booze, use has! have sex with a pig!) - reward of scx (argh! flynn the
bull is tougher than hoffi, isn't he?  irata is the best bull) - irwin of x-beat
(nice party! 40 dead men and 25 teethless gentlemen  three swedish guys. i loved
it. slaughtering is my hobby!) - vyvyan of accession (where are you? everyone is
missing you!) - ddt lennard of accession (nice teeth?) - monster of accession (i
am a hetero, so no more chainsaw-sex) - hazor of beyond force (yo hitler, nice
moustache! send me some moustache-vax and a picture of stalin) and all i've met
at the parties..  i stop writing and wish you all nice napalm-dreams..  and
always remember: napalms ahead...    signing off, zados of x-bump on the 30th of
september in 1990            ps. coming soon: third zados demo called '2503
years after napalm rain'             ime.           ok, that was zados the
normal, and slayer is now back from the asylum. yeah, there's only seven months
of freedom left and then i must go to the army! yeah, real fun!! here i come,
bazookas! and now i think that it's time to personal 'jormas' from me....  
sorry if somebody feels betrayed but can't remember anything after joga....     
 bbc/blue sektor (alfa the flower man, dark nigger, coke 'dope' coke, sos, and
the rest. best demogroup and best german partygroup!!! c.u. in irak!!!)     
paradong-dongs (steffi graf and kevin keegan or what the hell you are nowadays!
keep rocking in rocking chairs! never surrender..  )     zados the ultimate
napalm lover!      bloodsocks (commari masturbates dead birds... )    trio-start
(flynn, 'beer macht dick' and the rest)     dr.animal sex alias dna (lammas ja
kumisaappaat ry. perseeseen vedetty tavaramerkki)   drussakka (keep jodling,
blackie!!!  thanx for de-drunk rout.)    accession (sado-maso, hammas-lennu
,moku the beauty and vyyvi. turku rulez! c.u. in leningrad)      mace of kids in
row ('benazir bhutto'-gas rulez!)       promille and the rest of kefkef (send
your (org)asm soon!)      btc (what do ya like 'bout this?)     conkkamies and
mr.donald-duck-smile alias dynamic duo (two guys dynamic? uhh, never know 'bout
svenska pojkar...)     meatseeker of dickburners (yep, i write to ya. i lost
your address in the airplane when i was fucking a dog in the toilet)    ira-baby
of red wankers (finlandia vodka 4ever!)      brainloosers (burb, orlie-charlie,
i will write to you too. better receive a place from asylum...)     unkkeli
tomppeli (keep on  composing strange musics...)    uno and rest of phenomena
(kool party in finland xor what?)     ginseng (more slr's will follow i
think...)                    koff,koff, there they were...  hope that nobody is
missing and that nobody gets angry.....                     then some internal
hellos to:  ranger the holy beard (drivers licence ahead and soon behind....)   
shark the raster (better late than never?????)   tmb ('eating is my hobby' or
what?)         enuff from me, then i think it's zerba's turn to meditate beyond
the stripes......                  hmm. before we go any further let's throw out
a few personal messages first : dr. feelgood of bloodsuckers - giga slimy
regards to you and your gay-friends ! drokk! next time when going out late at
night take a knife with you else niggers will kick your ass twice !!! ... hoffi
of bloodsuckers - hmmmm. hmmmm. hmmmm. hmmmm. i just can't believe you didn't
made it, but it doesn't matter because no-one cares about it or do you (?) ...
ranger of scoopex - how tall is your beard right now? perhaps you could visit us
at next christmas and perform the santa claus and share gifts to us! ... freddy
krueger  good luck to you, desert fox !!! ... heiko of scoopex - what's up, old
bastard? have noticed your time walks at least two ot three times slower than
our time! yes, that's true! ... tmb of scoopex - don't try to piss me off! yes,
you tried real hardly, but fortunately our chief saves me from wasting money !
anyway, let's meet on party in denmark at christmas time... oh, i nearly forgot
to say the main thing : do not eat too much burgers ( have heard you eat like a
little pig, am i right? ) ... rabbit of scoopex - i like your style uploading
new wares, it's funny to download them! hehe!!! ... bulldog of scoopex -
hopefully you'll soon receive my package, so i don't have to be in debt to your
daughter anymore ... midnight maniac of scoopex - yes, i found one to you, so
you should be happy! hmmmm. don't forget to send what you promised to! ok? ...
vyvyan of accession - next time don't booze all your money so you might be able
to buy someting to yourself ( you have still not got your phone-line? ) ...
eddie and braggard of defjam - hopefully you will soon get your board running!
and always remember : budweiser sucks and karjala rules, actually it's the king
of beers!!! ... juki of modesty - thanks for all those hardwares you made for
me! ... dutchman of genesis - didn't you knew that domination looks like a
vietnamize refugee? maybe you old nam's veteran might live a few days longer
after you hear this! hehehee! ... foxy of angels - you never will be as l... as
i am ! hehe ... t.i.w of share and enjoy - glad to see you sent me those judge
dredd's as i asked ! ... rebel of horizon - we decided to release this demo in
this party instead of waiting for your party! but on the other hand, there was
no need to wait because it's so fucking same where do you realese demos! ...
skywalker of paradox - unfortunately i didn't found the cigaret mark which i was
searching for, but as soon as i find it i'll send you some ... sycon of nasty
boys - maybe i could send you some karjala so you'll know it's strong and
pleasant taste! ... corporal and teacher of skid row - harm you left us,but
anyway continue droping apples from the trees ... ok. no more messages from me
at this time...  in fact no more stupid scroll-shit from me... later, zebra the
stripeman !     and now the obligatory greetz to:     >7         red sector and
tristar ... paradox ... genesis and angels ... blood suckers ... defjam ...
complex ... spreadpoint ... legend ... kefrens ... anarchy uk ... accession ...
conqueror   all you bugbrains out there ... we are not sorry if you didn't found
your name from the previous list ! it might be possible you even don't deserve
it at all, but who gives a fuck!                      >2 time to stop....
signing off: slayer the mega invalid in 1990 (the year of blue penis)....    
see ya in next demo or in bangladesh....   >1 and always remember: @@@@@@@@@
scoopex - generations ahead! @@@@@@@@@

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