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>>> prism vectors@ <<<            s            credits for this bistro! (hehehe)
to                  dreamer/s!p of trsi (code)              peachy/s!p of trsi
(gfx/design/soundtrack)                press the left mousey-button for fun     
s      and the right one to leave this!       shakaluka !!! here i go ... peachy
(short pg !) is back to surprise ya with an non! alcoholic stupid scroller! due
to the fact that i write my math test in one week, there is nothing but mist in
my brain !!! hi piranha/panic, perhaps i draw something for ya game ... i think
we will never finish our cross assembler on pc! well dreamer,piranha and i try
our best, and if we manage to finish it till may 1992 ya are able to get the
best asm on pc !!! but we have only those fucking and funny informatik-lessons
(hi doc u) and we are only 3! (three) guys (as mentioned above). fuck off
school! at the moment i am drawing some pixels for >misery< a soon coming
trackdisk demo ... so the funny (pfanni) peachy is signing off his not funny
asciis ...                       dreamer craps the keyboard and hacks his
fabulous text in the memory (where is the dictionary ?). i hope you enjoyed this
little bistro until now. i think it is really cool. try your best by choosing
the right combination. there are a lot of different possibilities to choose a
funny combination of colors,transluency and wabbling. some words to the groups
of this world and especially of germany: i like all of your marvellous and
creative work but search for new ideas!  after having glenz-vectors from
phenomena and gleat-vectors from black robes  *surprise productions*  strikes
back with prism-vectors.  if you want to get in contact with one of the guys
behind this bistro then try it on the crystal/anarchy/silents party. greetinx to
all gurus i met at the ami-expo 91 in cologne. special greetinx from dreamer and
peachy go to the following gentlemen: funky of agnostic front *
piranha,skytec,lynxx,foxx,flagg,sniper of panic * barock,bass,chrome,secret of
silents * bomber of crusaders * pinny of anarchy * visioner of tcc/trsi * time *
stcs * trb,trd,tmi of slp * 16-beat of razor 1911 *            welcome to the
first surprise production from germany !!! this is tsm and this is my first 
scroll for s!p of trsi... and surely not my last because in a few weeks
(months?) our first trackmo will be ready to be released and it will contain
brandnew and astonishing effects... let the alcoholic duo (tsm and warhead) send
some specials to some cool friends....   bomber of crusaders   tmb of
scoopex(special thanx to you!!)   jaffa   pinhead of anarchy   barock,circulator
and secret of silents   stranger of agile   all guys in panic   steve of flash
prod.   and of course to all in trsi(hi visioner!) and especially in surprise!
(hi reeeeeeebok !) and to all we forgot...  we will set up a complete surprise!
prod. greetingslist in the trackmo... but now i will quit to let someone else
type some text... it is good old warhead...      yes, this is the warhead but
surely not good old warhead as the swatch-man (what a -censored!- pseudo...)
said.he is about a year older than i am. well, who cares... at the moment i and
tsm are sitting at my place trying to type some interesting text for your
entertainment... but as you can see at the moment we fail brain
is totally empty and i am only typing shit...oh, by the way, tsm reminds me of
telling all you greedy guys out there that our totally amazing pack series
called  > judgment day <  will hit ya right in ya faces soon...another reason
for all you guys out there to get in touch with the alcoholic duo of s!p of
trsi.....perfection of arrogance,, just joking, we are really
friendly guys.... ok, want to give you now the memberlist of surprise!
productions of tristar and red sector inc. : adec, bishop, corwin, duz,
dr.amigo, dr.hex, dreamer, eddie, eddi++, jean, jesus, jhl, j.o.e., luke,
panther, peachy, reebok, sabadon, snoopy, spike, spock, trion, tsm, warhead, can also call our hq bbs zenlandia at     +358 - 0 - 885938     
sysop is jhl!  or call any other awesome trsi boards....this was all from the
warhead ! see you in our next productions......                          and all
again !

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