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jou babes!!!          vectra strikes again...    with the official and
trademarked - utterly meaningless low-quality nonsense meeting - intro, brought
to you by    ...code: smirre      gfx: morrison      muzak: dr.jive       yes!
we are at smirres place having a good time. all of us except corleone...        
   okey short greez from smirre...   eddie - allways busy    ice - ice ice baby!
   sylkihella - beat the feeling    jugi - get some action    tai-pan - make
your vectorroutine ready    gehenna - keep going on!    amigaman - feeling so
small    hyde - nice interview    vulcan - voitko jo    shark - call me someday 
      i give up the keyz...  wot? me write? nahhh... okay, hi ho let us go! det
var en  gong  en flicka som hette juunatan, juunatan-tan-tan
juuna-juuna-juunatan, och hun var lite altmodisk men hun var likadan,  
likadan-dan-dan lika-lika-lika-dan. hun hade ny en klocka   som var en symaskin,
symaskin-skin-skin sywot?      me not write?  ha! fat chance! now that smirre is
taking a nap it is time for some anti-coderist propaganda. have you noticed that
every time you are trying to do some serious music, a coder walks in and says
something like: oh yeah, thats just great, just try to cut the samples by about
200k and we can put it in the next intro straight away! wrong notes? oh dont
mind them, at least i dont.   -whoops! i just realised this is the third
production in a row where i have, in one way or another, complained about the
same problemo, just play your demo, ring, ring, hey, how ya doin am i tired by
any chance? anywayz if someone is still there i would like to acknowledge the
supreme sources of upliftance for me over the past half year. here goes: van
morrison, world party, bob dylan, michel tournier, de la soul, otis redding,
t.s. eliot and first and foremost the youth of a thousand summers himself. i
will not list the sources of my musical inspiration as i do not consider myself
musically inspirated, but a word of encouragement to those who still have the
guts to keep pushing back the limits of those four channels:   keep up the good
work! i just dunno how you guys do it... time to go again, next up my true soul
brother from planet tx-81z, be-beep-beep-beep...   blast da gubbins, wallop da
wassname...             h-ello !!!  its the ultimate -kipuna kiivaana suruna
sielussain- morrison here...        ....naah we iz not comin out fer nuffink... 
      so i will let our -boogie bastard banger bum bum- swappers write
somezing....     ------- t h u n d e r !!!-------            ...ou jeees some
muffins to: zodiac-sanity   tom-complex   flash-vision   tmb-scoopex   
rocket-hypnosis   swapperjack-dual crew   sawblade-frantic   grendel-byterapers 
 sbt-tff   savage-imp666....         eat my shorts !!!                         
hellowa and    here is condor. i am sitting right now in smirres place and
trying to type some shit...     bcoz i have not any idea what to write i must 
sendata my personal messages to this following fellows:               commari of
the special brothers...  mita corba    kiiti stuffosta. mita pidat meidan
produsta. jos haluat parantaa grouppisi laatua niin soita smirren pikku
veljelle!           and next one to...          twins of animators!   sorry
little delay but hope you like this...       hmmm and  i have to send also some
words to...    df0 of intuition       kiitti jutuista ja niinedelleen...      i
leave keys to fireball...   jabadabaduu !i m here... niin kuka...i tell you
something about me. in december 1989 i started the scene. group was
trashers...then i were in agroup called evil dead. some months later i joined
gate. gate brokes down in october 1990. then i was some weeks the boss of gate.
in november smirre left defjam and formed vectra with some dudes from chrome and
gate. we have released a demo at savage party and an intro in february 1991. and
today we will release a new intro. some messages from me to: markki
seitsentoistanen of image. joo...kiitti vaan kun soitteletkin ja tuhiset mulle
puhelimessa. kuulin taessae ettae olid kattellu gay filmei tiettyi jatkies
kanssa. muuten revin sulta sisalmykset ulos kunhan nahdaan... vaikka tuskin me
ees nahdaankaan koska pelkaat tulla partyille ! en viitsi repia enempaa
c...huumoria and mutta see you soon ! edward...sori...eddie of vertigo   oliko
120 days of sodom muka hyva ! minusta se oli sairas homo filmi ! mutta
jokaisella on tietystikin oma makunsa !  tycker du om kalle... mennaanpas
mukavempiin... alex of shadows...have ya got the girl already . i hope so
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pythoni on taalla tanaan...siis
vierailulla ! ei perkele jaksa kirjoittaa mittaan...en keksi mitaan ! noh ! 
uskokaamme hanta ehkapa han kirjoittaa jotain soon ! python koodaa demoa... ai !
 more special greetinx to:  alan of impact  and  teacher of skid row  and 
drifter of vertigo  and  golem and others from anarchy sf  and  aggressor of
crybtoburners  and  orlando and others from brainstorm  and  omega of rebels 
and  the gnn of dual crew  and  many dudes from alpha flight  and  sawblade of
frantic  and  frap of magnetic fields  and  tmb of scoopex  and  gate norway 
and  mike of spreadpoint  and  ghoul of arcane and all the rest !  also regards
to those friends !  mate and niko and sami and markus and vote and kapanen and
spiidi and puppeli and zedi and katzy and tepa and rihti and jokka and 2x mari
and anne and sonja and lommo and joni and debi and hot kisses and something more
to minna !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  niiiiiiin......joooo....tuo smirren kodin katto
nayttaa heikolta..hei ! what s  happening ! apuva ! katto meni jo
ohi ! 4 ! four ! vitsia kehiin...taman jutun keksi ykx norski.let s  start
!!!!!!!!! mies vaimolleensa: otatko purkkaa...taa maistuu ihan paskalle ! vaimo
vastaa:ei vaan purkalle !!!!!!!!! niin se siita mista vai           
              condom is back...    first at all my story! if you dont want to
read it then take look at the otherthings in intro! lets start... my first group
was    fantasy    founded by me and corleone! and second was altair...  well i
werent 100 prosent member in altair. only 70! then i joined to nikki corruptions
-hi arttu plus kumppanit!- well there i managed to get lot of new contacts! and
now i am in vectra. end of story!!!! and what next...   more messages...    
greetlist...   more storys...   more bullshit...      no way!!!!  im going to
sleepailemaan nyt.     
a nother: ..krooh...........................   no i were just kidding...   
shit... bullshit... no idea!!!!!!!!!! little story tahan valiin!!!! once a upon
time there was a...           what could it be...  hmm... a shoe!    no...   it
is iso sinihilkka!       yes thats it! sitten sinihilkan aiti pyysi sinihilkkaa
menna myrkyttamaan isoaitinsa. sinihilkka lahti lyntystamaan kohti isoaidin
taloa... matkalla han tapasi pienen kiltin suden jonka han ahmaisi yhdella
suupalalla.(mahtoi tulla mahanpurua kerrakseen!) mokille paastyaan sinihilkka
tempaisi oven auki niin etta saranat lensivat...  kun han paasi sangyn luokse
jossa isoaiti makasi han aukaisi isoaidin kidan ammolleen ja kaatoi myrkyn alas
isoaidin kitaan. han heitti isoaidin kaappiin ja samassa kuului koputus   kop...
 kop... kop... taala metsastajaseta ja metsastaja tempaisi oven auki ja hyppasi
sinihilkan paalle joka oli pukeutunut isoaidin asuun ja han makasi sangylla 
-----sensuroitu-----  loppu hyvin kaikki pain mantya!  ok i quit now!!!

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