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competition is gone.      vectra presents an enormous intro called    *repo*  
with some realtime animated fractal mountain and some repo-efex      coding was
done by tractor     gfx by focus    and music by htd          marka sukka, siina
pysyis kauan kylmana!  -this room is boiling.    but anyway this is quite luxus
with some three toilets with fresh air   and some party campfire with some tent
and some coffee and tea maker if needed        released at assembly'92...    
don't watch out for our sooncoming realtime-compo demo because it's not coming
soon.             some enormous greetings from tractor to some stellars who
somebody in the jones are procyon and index    and to stripe the gremlin of
talent,  slammer of anarchy,  scot of arcane,  dot of bronx,  hot and peeri and
darxon of morque!  we rules the futis!!!  and then from focus to following:
eazy-j of culture: haven't seen ya here... grekko of live act: i think we must
use english also in the future?  c-jewels of devils   myth of reality   cesium
of frogs: sorry about my delays...  zenox of dai   thexder of delight  simpson
of eqx   safe of artless.....     fast rapport from football competition: there
was some hehkui punasena ball and then damones took the first place with some
marvellous stunt-effects. it was surprising because they seemed to be in very
sportline-mode today. masevaa!!! we formed an enormous team with some morques
and we played succesfully in the beginning but then we almost won the stellar
because we scored just some few one seconds after the match had started but then
we lost our inspis and then some efex and we stopped all activities and left the
football scene.                              dibbadibba duu onpa sulla suuri suu
 joulupukki juoksi seinaan ja nielaisi seipaan  jalkeen sen pukki ampaisi
katolle ja suunnisti aholle  aholle paastyaan huomasi porojen unohtuneen joten
kaivoi esille  poropillin jo rohtuneen  porot jo oitis kuulivat pillin 
petteripunakuono nielaisi viimeisen sillin ja hyppasi lapi pukin suuren rillin 
that's all for runoista  written by oregon                        continues...

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