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move your mouse upwards to see the help-menu.       do it now!!!.    good.      
  just wait a while, this text will propably include some. interesting
stories..... but before them, i'd better write down some .important things.
there are 3 of them. .  1. don't write to me (icebreaker) anymore for swapping,
because that's. only waste of your time. from now on, i will only concentrate on
the. coding-side. but you can contact me if you're a talented artist, musician
or. coder, because there are never too many of those kind of guys.         . 
2.the credits.     all coding (except the replay-routine) by icebreaker..  logo
by zei (he's not a member of us, he's just a free-lancer artist)..  fonts by
zados.    music by zonzo/epsilon (hope you don't mind using it).    all
vector-objects designed by. icebreaker.      then, here comes number 3 in the
boring-scroll-text-series...... 3.our memberlist. it hasn't been released. for
long time, so i think it would be wise to write down the current list....  by
using the alpha-order the list looks like this.........     finnish. members:  
axa - gryzor - icebreaker - jay jay - ld - mr.king - mr.moonlight -. powerdrive
- raven - ripper - snowballs - the man - vekesoft - zados.     uk members:  acid
- nmi      and finally, our swedish member:  bbc.     yep, that's for the
borie-stories.     now it's friday, clock 0.54 am.. today i have a test in
mathematics, but who cares???   i just had a chat. with yip/pure-byte. we
discussed about nothing interesting, just talked. some bullshit. so i'd better
end up with that subject.      so, today. it's friday, my favourite day (after
saturday).   but no,no, i won't. booze today. no way. i'll wait till saturday.
today i'll spend my eve. training.   but that's not interesting, is it???  
noooo......     have you already checked all the objects???  i must say that
they. are not so good, but i drew without any further designing.   my favourite.
one is the symbol of russia.  it symbolizes all that glory and power .that can
be find from the holy land -- it symbolizes the freedom of it's. people, the
whole humanity of the children of mother russia.........  it's just simply
magnificient.        enough of my ideology, still i can't. beat the number one
communist in finland - the communist cowboy.  .         now i'm gonna write some
short messages to some of my best. friends........         hey
drucer/deathstar..... hope you like this..  i received the fonts today (well, in
fact it's yesterday).  good enough. for our party-demo.  i can't say much,
because we have already discussed. about everything through the phone.   just
keep on the business, man.....  and let's keep the callings going on (one half
of my phone-bill consisted. of calls to you and to yip, strange eh??)   say
hellos to hack-man (marko!!).  and tell him to hide quickly (underwater!!!)  
...............   hi per/ipec, nu ska jag forsoka att skriva svenska... hoppas
att du. forstar min dalig svenska....  nej, nej, min ord-lista i svenska ar.
mycket samre an i engelska sa jag tanker borja skriva engelska igen.......  
back in english.... so,thanks for the stickers.  hopefully we meet in. the near
future (only god knows where....).   you will always be one of. my best friends
in the business.......  i try to get a chance to call you,.  but i think it
would be much easier for you.   hope you like this. bunch of low-class coding
(it is low class coding 'cause of not enough. powerful math-routines)...........
       hi peter/scoopex.... nice new. name for your crew, even i prefer the old
name from this one.  but it's. only my opinion.   thanks for the stickers.  send
me one bottle of. best austrian beer and i'll send you one x-men baseball-cap
(yeah, we .will get them next week).         .............      then, hello to.
two guys from kiel, kevin/bb and alex/abyss....  still i don't believe. you
could drink more beer than i can, or if you do, i still can beat. you in
drinking vodka.  that's easy... (i've practised hard)    thanks. for the
bber,kevin.   i'll send you something back soon...........      i could also say
something to the pure-byte guys, but i just. can't think of anything wise
enough.    but remember: vesku on rankka. kaveri!!!                no more
messiahs to write,  but anyway, hellos. to all my friends all over there.       
  heeh, now the clock is. 1.26 am.  funny??? not at all.... after 6 hours i'll
have to get up..  aaaargh i hate early wakings.......    this has become so
boring that. i must cheer you up with something intersting.      yeah!! i'll
tell you. about myself and my personality.    so, my name is peter. i'm 17 years
old..  i'm 178 (the last number is eight even it looks a bit like six) short
and. my heavy (???) weight is 83 kg.        i don't have regular girlie (have
to. go to look for one next weekend)           there are few things i hate:. one
is word 'lamer' - second is rediculous persons (like one certain. male person in
one certain well-known finnish crew) - third is ugly and. fat females (pigs) -
fourth is high prices in finnish booze-stores -. fifth is parties with no booze
or women and sixth is amigalords (hah!)..       soon available:   x-men t-shirts
and baseball caps.  order your. fashionable clothes now!!!  just contact a
member of x-men finland..    oh god, i simply hate writing scrolltexts.     due
to that fact,. i won't write any more stupid things.   next coming from us:. 
party or die 3 -- the quest for the final hangover   and  mental invanoid. 2.   
 just wait and see..................     signed, icebreaker..

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