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banal projects welcomes you to the third intro, called 'so small - so nice'.
hier ist pauli-seta. pieni on kaunista (ja rohkeaa..)!!  jannat piirrokset on
boriksen tekeleita. spaghetti inside amiga was made by paul 'beatles' mcbody. 
this music was not (c)omposed by delorean. outoa???  this is the first intro
released on 1993.. exact release-date is 1.1.1993 klockan 00:00:01      viina
virtaa ja henki haisee!!!     this is ukulele. i'd just like to make sure you
dudes  understand that this music is not made by delorean...  hell no!!!  how
many william woblers do we need to replace a lamp in the kitchen?        
well... atleast 2500. one for trying to remove the lamp and the rest 2500 for
writing 'star trek takaisin' letters to mtv... ... ... ...  jussi banal
projectsista hei... .... .......and couple of notes to people out there. 1st you
are allowed to write to me at this address........          jussi 'boris'
lavento          komiahontie 24                    87250 kni              
finland               ...sorry for those poor guys who haven't received a letter
from me. i keep on trying....bye.....  use the same address if you are willing
to try to join us.....     too lame graphics by me???                           
         some heissans to >melon dezign< there is somekind of magic in your
intros. cool design dudes! >parallax< >chrome< kiitokset teille kun greettaatte
meita, mutta se on banal projects eika pelkka banal! >complex< >pmc< >acme<
>silents< >dual crew< >desire< >yolk< kiitti tarjouksesta, but... >frankie< myos
kiitti tarjouksesta. >to all of you who still keep reading this shit<       
memberlista 1.1.1993.   boogieman (code), boris (gfx), karbunkle (code), leslie
(music), paul mcbody (code), prayer (gfx, swapping), ukulele (music). everyone
else, who claim to be banalers, may be right...  watch out our  s o o n  coming

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