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hi and welcome to this   -evolutionD anniversary demo- !!!   i am the guy behind
the evolutions   the pride of flash production.  yeah  F you got it right   you
are stuck with me for aA little while now.  coming up... the histoCry of the
evolution series   but first of all   i would like to thank all of you out there
  for collectingD my evolutions and for spreading them like aids in a gayclub
!!!!!   keep on doing that   becauseC you will see many more evolutions from us
!!!!      well   it all started in november 1988  when i made my first demopackC
for my old group -tse-.    i cant remember the name of the pack   and it was
only made to save some disks. iD think thats the main idea behind diskpacks   to
collect the best on one disk   so you can destroy the crapB stuff   and stillC
have the best left.   ok   i made 2 or 3 disk for -tse- then i joined -zaxs-  
and i started on the -mixedE emotions- packs.C i think i only made about 10-12
packs   probably because i was lazy!!  then on the bs1 pardie in feb. 89 iC
joined -flash production-  i made 1 or 2  -mixed emotions-  for  -flash
production-.  then i decided to change the name of theC packs. it was hard to
find a real good name.   but at last i found -evolution-.   evolution was
born!!!!!    and now i have madeC 50 of them.   it has been a great fun to
create them!!!   the idea behind  -evolution-  is to create aD demopack with the
greatest and the latest intros and demos. many groups make demo-packs with old
demos and maybe onlyC 4 or 5 demos on the disk.  if you create a disk with 5 old
and boring demos   people dont wanna collect them.   but ifC you make a mixture
of cool and new demos   people like them and will collect them.   well   i must
end my writing now   but before i doD that   i would once more thank all members
of   -flash production-   and the you guys out there   who are spreading my
-evolutions-.  remember C    -evolution-     wouldnt have been what it is today 
 without your help.    thanks!!!!!!!    bye for now from    the pride of flash
production.....D   and remember   -the legend continues-    handling the keys
over to.....     hello dudes...  this is freagle writing..    i only wanna thank
 -the pride- D for always cool and fast sendings...    see you in glostrup 
palle.....     signed your friends in flash production!!!!!                     
                   end of text!!!

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