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howdy freaks      this is commando of flash production bringing you digital
concert 4  on april the 14 th.           you can choose your favourite hit by
pressing f1 f2 or f3.    but wait!!     this tune can only be heard once !!!    
    if you hit f1 you will hear a rap called  got to get  by  leila k.        
if you hit f2 the song called  i dont know anybody else  by  black box.        
and last on f3 you can listen to  r.a.w  by  tecnotronic.           ok, lets
go......                  we have now released four digital concerts, and number
five is soon comming, so watch out...                 credits for the big logo
goes to denon of flash production and to yamato of flash production for this
charset.               special greetings must go to the following groups in a-z
order...      acme    -   byterapers   -   complex   -   crusaders   -   dcs   -
  top swap   -   upfront   -   vision factory   and   visual arts .....         
 normal greetz goes to...      aeon   -   alive   -   alpha flight   -  
andromeda   -   apex   -   arcane   -   aurora   -   avoid   -   bamiga sector
one   -   black monks   -   brainstorm   -   cosa nostra   -   cult   -   cyborg
power systems   -   d.mob   -   depredators   -   disknet   -   dominators   -  
doomsday team   -   double trouble   -   dual crew   -   exodus   -   fds   -  
fraxion   -   gate   -   genesis project   -   giants   -   hellas   -  
illusion   -   ipec elite uk.   -   italian bad boys   -   kefrens   -   master
crew   -   mindblaster   -   mr.thompson   -   nemesis   -   network   -   no
limits   -   phaze 101   -   plexus   -   powerlords   -   pussy   -   quartex  
-   quicksilver   -   rebels yu.   -   sargon   -   setrox   -   squadron   -  
storm   -   sun connection   -   tao industries   -   tarkus team   -   the
goonies   -   the warfalcons   -   triangle   -   tristar   and last, but not
least,  wiz                     well, i dont think that i have anymore crap for
ya dis time, so gonzo will take over....        yo freaks...  i wanna send some
cool messages to some of my coool friends.. ----- hello nosah of d.c.s.    sorry
to hear about your copvisit last week, but we will keep in touch with you...... 
right now i am busy making our promotiondisk with the musix.......     ------   
 hello fox of dominators ...  sorry you could not enter this pardie here at the
kefrens, but anyway..... it is sooooo lame, so you better enjoy yourself with
your lady..!!!!....      sorry, no more messages this time, so fast greets to
----- rest of flash production ------ spiderman of xfactor ----- cosmo of
paranoimia ----- parson of d.c.s. ----- upfront ----- jagger, iceman and gizwiz
of the kefrens ----- liteace of dexion ----- shogun of arcane    and    no

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