Group: Ipec Elite


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38 Releases: Ipec Elite (Screenshots Screenshots)
Group Title Type Date Frm Png Info CRC32 ID
Ipec Elite Another Cooperation Intro 1991 e Y coop with Relay 915c61b2 4386
Ipec Elite Brainstorm's First Demo 1989 e Y 1289c0e9 9734
Ipec Elite Brainstorm's Music Disk Musicdisk 1989 d Y e0a22f92 4374
Ipec Elite Chart Chat 01 Chart 1988-10 e Y 80 character mode 203297cf 14128
Ipec Elite Chart Chat 03 Chart 1988 e Y 586e78aa 4384
Ipec Elite Chart Chat 06 Intro Intro 1989 a Y n/a 15233
Ipec Elite Chart Chat 07 Chart 1989 d Y 48fa9651 4371
Ipec Elite Chart Chat 08 Chart 1989 e Y 480004d0 4383
Ipec Elite Cooperation Intro Intro 1991-06-25 e Y coop with Relay 2b706b5c 4378
Ipec Elite Copper Demo 2 Demo 1991-02-23 e Y P  62c97bec 4379
Ipec Elite Demo Pack 04 Intro Intro 1990 e Y b7f5aea5 11278
Ipec Elite Demodisk 51 Intro Intro 1990 a Y n/a 11695
Ipec Elite Demoz 27 Intro Intro 1989 a Y n/a 11750
Ipec Elite Dr Stein's Second Demo Demo 1989 e Y 725a8909 9731
Ipec Elite Drown the Proof Demo 1991-02-23 e Y P  3a2b361d 10657
Ipec Elite Fresh Intro Intro 1991-06 e Y coop with Relay bdfe73bd 9092
Ipec Elite Guns N Bitch Demo 1989 e Y e9175e2c 4380
Ipec Elite I Pick a Light Megademo 1988-11-26 d Y 2136f4b6 4372
Ipec Elite The Impossamole Demo Demo 1990-05-21 e Y 522da507 11271
Ipec Elite Knock Em Dead Pack Intro Intro 1990 a Y ocs n/a 15710
Ipec Elite Magic Moments Intro 1991 e Y Tag coop with Relay 5d2bde9a 4381
Ipec Elite Mini Crap Intro Intro 1989 e Y bf2cf75a 13074
Ipec Elite Mini OK Intro Intro 1989 e Y b47d7dee 13075
Ipec Elite Music Madness 01 Musicdisk 1989 d Y 435af522 4373
Ipec Elite Music Madness Monthly 08 Musicdisk 1990 d 1ba70025 4376
Ipec Elite Music Madness Monthly 10 Musicdisk 1991 d Y d9d53b75 4375
Ipec Elite New Stuff in 1991 Intro 1991 e Y fbece969 4385
Ipec Elite Nothing Special Intro 1989 e Y 60e17fab 11186
Ipec Elite October 1988 Intro 1988-10 a Y ks1.2 n/a 14166
Ipec Elite One Hour Hack Demo 1989 e Y fbfaf359 11187
Ipec Elite Porta Joined Intro 1989 a Y n/a 13819
Ipec Elite Predator Demo 1991-02-23 e Y P  6ba968ec 4377
Ipec Elite Sine Intro Intro 1990 e Y 2d484d8b 11330
Ipec Elite Small Scroll Demo 1989-12 e Y a8abd300 14604
Ipec Elite Smooth Grid Demo 1988-07-31 e Y P  72c17e6d 4382
Ipec Elite Speedbird Pack 01 Pack 1990-05 d Y Co Tag  283464a3 15598
Ipec Elite Tribute to Megaforce Demo 1988-11 e Y 1011a72a 13245
Ipec Elite Visions of Soliloquy Intro Intro 1991-02-23 e Y P  8c16d2a7 10659