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20 Releases: Awesome (Screenshots Screenshots)
Group Title Type Date Frm Png Info CRC32 ID
Awesome Abyss Spreadtro Intro 1991 e Y 1ae8429c 2736
Awesome AmiExpo 91 Cologne Intro Intro 1991-11-03 e Y P  97df36b3 2732
Awesome BBS Commercial Demo 1992-03 e Y 85ff3ce1 2735
Awesome BBS Intro Intro 1992-03 e Y a27d9ef0 2726
Awesome C64 Tunes Wanted Intro 1992-05 e Y 77a2e3bf 2727
Awesome Criminally Insane 09 Pack 1991-05-22 d Y P Co  f788a5aa 1203
Awesome Don't Loose Your Short Intro 1991-07 e Y 552c0ed9 2724
Awesome The End Intro 1992 e Y Tag  8eecf85c 2728
Awesome Entertain Pack 01 Pack 1991-03-25 d Y Co  af965a0c 17864
Awesome The Final Cut Demo 1992-04-18 e Y P Tag  2c147d63 2737
Awesome Gintro Intro 1992-02 e Y 44eddd79 2729
Awesome Hello Intro (Awesome Is Here) Intro 1991 e Y Tag  2807746d 2730
Awesome Join Us Intro 1992 e Y 42c49f03 2731
Awesome Lethal Xcess +4 Trainer 1991-12-07 e Y fc1faf97 10389
Awesome Maximum Pleasure Party Demo Demo 1991-05-19 e Y P  c4d2d6a6 2733
Awesome Meeting Intro Intro   e Y coop with LSD bda01c4d 2725
Awesome Party Invitation Intro 1991-07 e Y P  36d57dff 17766
Awesome Plasmaflex Intro 1991 e Y Tag  68c1d275 2734
Awesome Turtle Smasher v1.3 Utility 1992-04-10 a Y n/a 12001
Awesome Turtle Smasher v1.3 Intro Intro 1992-04-10 e Y 7e2b75a7 2738