Group: The Silents


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107 Releases: The Silents (Screenshots Screenshots)
Group Title Type Date Frm Png Info CRC32 ID
The Silents 16 Bit Show Intro Intro 1990-01-14 e Y 8f91255b 11712
The Silents Addicted to Silence Intro 1992-05-12 e Y 05944e94 6999
The Silents Airwolf Intro 1993-07-23 e Y Cr  b5871a24 11519
The Silents BAD Advertisement Intro 1992-03 e Y 5ad3b1b1 9089
The Silents Big Mess Demo 1988 e Y 86793e91 7002
The Silents Bloom Demo 1993-12-29 e Y P coop with World of Twist a58d1e45 7045
The Silents Blue Boxing Intro 1992-08-25 e Y Cr  d79e16a1 14586
The Silents Blue House Demo 1990-07-01 e Y P Cr Tag  6bd6c72a 7000
The Silents Blues House Musicdisk 1990 2d Y 548e228f
The Silents Bob Dust Demo 1988-11 e Y 0086220d 7003
The Silents Butterfly Intro 1992-12-29 e Y P  6126f45e 7005
The Silents C64 Fonts Intro (Wave Intro) Intro 1989 e Y 4a4e5c4b 9488
The Silents Cavemania Trainer 1992-09 e Y Cr Txt Tag 1mb chip f306e32a 14307
The Silents Celica GT Rally Cracktro 1990-12-06 e Y 5f1b3232 16033
The Silents Check Mate Demo 1989 e Y Cr Tag  2b1a5afc 7007
The Silents Check Mate Intro Intro 1989 e Y a11e5861 15603
The Silents Computer Crossroads 93 Invitation Intro 1993 e Y P coop with Phenomena 790e7727 7006
The Silents Cool Iz the Rule 03 Pack 1988 d Y 35b88782 5425
The Silents Cool Iz the Rule 04 Intro Intro 1988-10-01 e Y ks1.2 6404bf53 11034
The Silents Cool Iz the Rule 05 Pack 1988 d Y ks1.2 994af291 5426
The Silents Cool Iz the Rule 06 Pack 1988 d Y ks1.2 7b723026 5427
The Silents Cool Iz the Rule 07 Pack 1988 d ks1.2 ab9148d6 5428
The Silents Cyberdyne BBS Intro Intro 1991-11 e Y aa65eec0 7009
The Silents Danish Members Demo 1989 e Y Cr  8cede40c 11767
The Silents Danish Quality Demo 1989-11-18 e Y P Cr  4c91de46 7010
The Silents Demon Download Trackmo 1993-02-15 2d Y a664deb1
The Silents Dynamo Trainer 1992 e Y a7c71902 9798
The Silents Easy Ruling Demo 1988 d Y coop with North Star 2a68d48e 6997
The Silents End of Maloy Demo 1990-04-15 e Y P Cr  f6b566e9 7011
The Silents Enjoy the Silents Trackmo 1992-10-24 d Y P  2692a674 6992
The Silents Europack 01 Pack 1989-10-20 d Y Co  d3dbf014 15776
The Silents Europack 02 Intro Intro 1989-12-09 e Y Tag  ff90c920 7012
The Silents First Amiga Demo Demo 1987-10 e Y Txt Tag  e2cb7a24 7013
The Silents First UK Demo Demo 1989 e Y 3fb601d9 7014
The Silents French Section Joined Anarchy Demo 1991-12 e Y Cr  b0fa9f96 7021
The Silents Geometrical Dreams Demo 1991-06-15 e Y P Cr Tag  f20d7f51 7016
The Silents Global Trash Trackmo 1991-04-28 d Y P  b7d81529 396
The Silents Gotcha Trainer 1992-09-20 e Y Cr 1mb chip 1e00ebab 12208
The Silents Hej Hopp Demo 1989-02-04 e Y Tag coop with North Star 94364e8b 5429
The Silents Hurtig-Ting Demo 1992-06-29 e Y P Tag coop with Melon Dezign 8c425164 7017
The Silents Hybrid Glenz Intro 1993-02-19 e Y Cr Txt  659509a7 7018
The Silents IB Intro 1990-10-15 a Y Cr Tag  n/a 11357
The Silents Ice Trackmo 1991-06-30 d Y P Cr  4632b765 397
The Silents Ice Lord Import Intro Intro 1989-12-05 e Y d48a79df 15382
The Silents Intro? Dentro? Mentro? Demo? Demo 1991-08-05 e Y Cr  2387153a 7015
The Silents Jesper Kyd Collection Musicdisk 1990-10 d Y 733d7414 6989
The Silents Join the Power Demo 1989 e Y 7a4e3347 7020
The Silents Legal Demo 1989-02-12 e Y P  1d6a28ac 7034
The Silents Link's First Demo 1989 e Y ocs 1d28964d 15673
The Silents Low Budget Intro 1994 e Y by World of Twist 98363ed3 16431
The Silents Magic Dimension of Scrolling Demo 1989-11-05 e Y P Tag  0f5e6420 7019
The Silents Magic Dimension Preview Intro 1989 e Y 96fd5ae4 7030
The Silents Maximum Velocity Trackmo 1992-08-09 d Y P Cr  68e25b97 398
The Silents Megademo 2 Megademo 1988 d Y Tag ks1.2 ab0f0e45 6990
The Silents Megademo 3 Megademo 1989 d Y E  cdf86abc 6996
The Silents Megademo DK Megademo 1990-02-19 d Y P  f077fae5 8742
The Silents Melt Effect Demo 1989-01 e Y 7172ada1 7022
The Silents Ministry Intro 1992-08-14 e Y d29ace2e 16960
The Silents Moldavia BBS Intro Intro 1991-10 e Y 71d3449f 7023
The Silents New Cool Warez Intro 1989 e Y Tag  4d651277 14812
The Silents New Stuff Intro Intro 1991 e Y 85cc8360 10386
The Silents Oops! Is Born Demo 1993-02-14 e Y 0fa4a254 1965
The Silents Orgasmatron Demo 1988 e Y Tag part of Megademo 2 41c5c7b5 17032
The Silents Overdose 23 Pack 1992-03 d Co  34affee7 13872
The Silents Overdose 26 Pack 1992-03 d Co  e9e2ba1a 13875
The Silents Overdose 27 Pack 1992-04 d Y Co  cc0cf83d 13876
The Silents Overdose 34 Pack 1992-04 d Co E  3e82703b 13879
The Silents Overdose 36 Pack 1992-05 d Co E  133658ee 13880
The Silents Overdose 40 Pack 1992-06 d Y Co E  abcdefd5 6396
The Silents Overdose 42 Pack 1992-06 d Co  27509939 13882
The Silents Pick N Pile Trainer 1991 e Y ab5fbc3c 9837
The Silents Pinball Dreams Preview Intro Intro 1992-02-07 e Y 3f797d82 7029
The Silents Pinball Fantasies Preview Intro Intro 1992-09 e Y coop with Skid Row 3e2cf858 6998
The Silents Plasma Vectors Demo 1992-07-26 e Y P Tag  676ad730 7042
The Silents Poo Poo Dreams Game 1993-02-15 e Y a52a7b63 12259
The Silents Pump Up the Jam Demo 1989 e Y 29203d56 17678
The Silents Real BBS Intro Intro 1991-11-23 e Y Cr  f36fcebb 7001
The Silents Rex Polyhedron Demo 1991-08 e Y Tag  e49a81d7 7026
The Silents Round Demo 1988-11-06 e Y P  010028e5 7027
The Silents Saturn Musicdisk 1992-12-09 e Y 2bfb36ec 7028
The Silents SF-Top 15 Chart 1992-08-20 e Y coop with TRSI f3fde5ec 12963
The Silents Something about Silents Makes Me Sick Demo 1993-07-25 e Y b08b008f 7043
The Silents Soul Kitchen Trackmo 1994-12-30 2d Y P A  a89487db
The Silents Sound of Silents Musicdisk 1990-08-31 d Y P  88c6bd72 6993
The Silents Sozzled Somersault Demo 1993-05-30 e Y Cr  732f0601 7031
The Silents Spirit Intro 1990 e Y d25642c2 7265
The Silents Stardust Demo 1988-11-06 e Y P  6c427576 7032
The Silents Stardust 3 Demo 1988 e Y fe7796fd 7033
The Silents Static Chaos Trackmo 1992-09-05 d Y 6bc42478 399
The Silents Stormlord Music Intro 1989 e Y Tag  a460d645 15604
The Silents Switzerland 702 Years Old Intro 1993-08-02 e Y 52943e18 7041
The Silents Terminal Disaster BBS Intro Intro 1991-12 e Y Tag  5b007179 7035
The Silents The Party 1993 Invitation Intro 1993-08-31 e Y P coop with Lemon & Spaceballs fbd59b37 7025
The Silents Transpiersky Demo 1993-03-03 e Y 88d1f813 7036
The Silents Trashcopy v7.2 Utility 1993 e Y 3a89c6c9 12324
The Silents Tron 5000 Cracktro 1989-03-15 e Y Cr coop with North Star 2bdf147c 7008
The Silents Tropical Sunset Demo 1990-09-15 e Y Cr  9643afd3 7037
The Silents TSL Intro Intro 1989 e Y 1686f997 9487
The Silents Unknown Territory BBS Intro Intro 1992-06 e Y Tag  fd622e68 7038
The Silents Vector Bob Demo Demo 1990-04-07 e Y P  b719677f 7039
The Silents Victory Demo 1990 e Y 1b415c9d 7024
The Silents Visual Corruption 04 Pack 1992 d Y coop with Bass 375f3f8f 6225
The Silents Viva The Silents Demo 1989 e Y 1b46c69f 7004
The Silents We Eat Lamers for Breakfast Demo 1989-02-12 a Y P coop with North Star n/a 14026
The Silents World Charts 09 Chart 1993 d Y 6c416d0f 6994
The Silents Wrath of the Demon Musicdisk 1990-12-26 e Y P Tag  9c853a60 7040
The Silents Xpose Trackmo 1992-06-29 2d Y P Tag  093c6cbc