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5 Releases: GASP 1995 @ Montpellier, France (1995-08-11 to 1995-08-13)
Group Title Type Date Frm Png Info CRC32 ID
Dreamdealers GASP 1995 Invitation Intro 1995-07-28 d Y P A coop with Eremation 1b12e8a8 1977
Eremation GASP Invitation Demo 1995 d Y P A  1135c346 3674
Gods Audiosonic Intro 1995-08-13 e Y P A  a781de53 4071
Gods Jurassic Pack Pre-Release Mag 1995-08-13 d Y P A  2924310e 4063
New Generation Crew AGA & Box Musicdisk 1995-08-13 e Y P A coop with X-Dream a148b366 5382