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18 Results: Tagged with "Danish Language"
Group Title Type Date Frm Png Info CRC32 ID
(unknown) Kafferens (Anti Kefrens) Intro 1992-06-29 e Y P Tag  0cd3ac49 16955
Alliance Design Workfrench Intro 1992-01 e Y Cr Tag  8c7689a5 2318
Anarchy 3D Demo Trackmo 1991-12-28 2d Y P Cr Tag  202a258f
Arcane The Pink Circle Demo 1991-04-28 e Y P Txt Tag  5bb763b2 2608
Channel 42 Diggy Piggys Slideshow 1990-02-19 2d Y P Cr Txt Tag coop with The Silents 7cee15de
Dyt i Bamsen Top Sekraet Musicdisk 1994-06-26 2d Y P Tag ks2.0 45d013e5
Focus Design A000 Intro Intro 1994-06-26 d Y P A Tag  8f4b1f91 13742
Kefrens Inspiration Has Come Demo 1992-06-04 e Y Cr Tag  1565a806 4567
Kefrens The Jesus Intro Intro 1992-09-01 e Y Cr Tag  fd2024fd 4569
Kefrens Mr Munk in Fluidland Game 1990-07-01 e Y P Cr Txt Tag  a4526293 4572
Movement Ting Intro 1993-08-01 e Y P Cr Tag  22034508 5226
Oblivion Los Tripos Demo 1992-12-29 e Y P Tag  acc86c82 17814
Plasma Force Penis Demo 1988-08-03 e Y Tag ocs / 0.5mb d8ca4017 13812
Rebels Discounter Intro 1992-11 e Y Cr Tag  56add2fd 6479
Rednex Ting man aldrig maa goere Demo 1991-11 e Y Tag needs explode.library b7bf6eba 13619
The Silents Hurtig-Ting Demo 1992-06-29 e Y P Tag coop with Melon Dezign 8c425164 7017
Static Bytes Amiga Summit Demos Pack 1991 d Y P Co Tag coop with Prologic 1b21b35c 13644
Static Bytes Lamer Tester Game 1992-04-19 e Y P Tag  45711800 9630