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18 Results: Tagged with "BBS Advertisement"
Group Title Type Date Frm Png Info CRC32 ID
Cascade BBS Intro Intro 1990 e Y Tag  6918778f 3085
Astra First Demo 1991 e Y Cr Txt Tag  6a166999 16348
Frantic Necromantik BBS Intro Intro 1991-09 e Y Tag  1b129242 3935
Equinox Magnificent Motown BBS Intro Intro 1991-09-11 e Y Cr Tag  36357e37 3655
Network BBS Intro Intro 1991-12-01 e Y Tag  a7d9edf7 5344
D-Tect Trader's Heaven New Number Intro 1992 e Y Tag  135b9409 9529
Troopers Hard Core BBS Intro Intro 1992-01-06 e Y Tag  6102142e 17027
Paradise BBS Intro Intro 1992-02 e Y Tag  25750b9f 5692
Nirvana Norway Teeny-Weeny BBS Intro Intro 1992-03-25 e Y Tag  c03d67e7 17167
Desire Channel X BBS Intro Intro 1992-04 e Y Tag  f1373edf 16506
Dual Crew Mystic Places BBS Intro Intro 1992-05-31 e Y Cr Tag  f0badd57 2020
The Silents Unknown Territory BBS Intro Intro 1992-06 e Y Tag  fd622e68 7038
Aurora BBS Demo Demo 1992-08-01 e Y Tag  d6d2e0f2 2698
Interactive Elementary Force BBS Intro Intro 1993 e Y Tag  f1223845 12338
LCG Tweed BBS Intro Intro 1993 e Y Tag  959226fd 17363
Jetset Tag Trackmo 1993-05-13 d Y Tag  04c509d9 370
Fear Northern X-Posure BBS Intro Intro 1994 e Y Tag  14b44180 16114
Abyss Nuclear Fallout BBS Intro Intro 1995 e Y Tag 68020 96878172 17644