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50 Results (1-50 of 139): Tagged with "Chiptune"
Group Title Type Date Frm Png Info CRC32 ID
(independent) B-Nice - Cynet BBS Intro Intro 1994-06 e Y Tag  614ac0b5 13554
Abyss Nuclear Fallout BBS Intro Intro 1995 e Y Tag 68020 96878172 17644
Access Edge of Chaos BBS Intro Intro 1994-10-17 e Y Tag  84ff0e69 14469
Access Edge of Chaos BBS Intro 2 Intro 1994-10-20 e Y Tag  e625216f 14470
Active Party Snacks 01 Intro Intro 1991-04 e Y P Tag  557993df 2196
Alpha Flight PGA Tour Golf Platinum Edition Cracktro 1994-10-16 e Y Tag  42dcb584 14471
Amaze It's All Gonna Blow Intro 1992-02-28 e Y Tag needs explode.library 98011761 13874
Amaze Totally Meanless Dentro Demo 1992-01 e Y Tag  99815021 11994
Anarchy Floor Demo Demo 1990-09-15 e Y P Cr Txt Tag  577decec 14715
Anarchy Revenge Party Releases Intro Intro 1990-10 e Y P Cr Tag  fa66731b 13940
Angels Lost Patrol Cracktro 1990-07-06 e Y Tag  3218d1db 14181
Angels Magic Boy Cracktro 1993-11-20 e Y Tag  19ad4e7a 14179
Anthrox Curse of Enchantia Cracktro 1992-11-19 e Y Cr Tag  c48f8eca 14284
Anthrox Deep Core +29 Trainer 1993-10 e Y Cr Tag  dd69ecc8 15859
Anthrox Guardian CD32 Trainer 1994-10-14 e Y Tag  e8dd4480 14473
Anthrox Hannibal Cracktro 1993-02 e Y Tag  bfa2a360 14501
Anthrox Harlequin +5 Trainer 1992-03-01 e Y Cr Tag  1b896f68 14486
Anthrox PGA Tour Golf Platinum Edition Cracktro 1994-10-16 e Y A Tag  f2989a0d 14474
Anthrox Tactical Manager Cracktro 1994-06-04 e Y Tag  798129f1 2563
Anthrox Valhalla Preview Cracktro 1994-06-18 e Y A Tag  a6741aff 13732
Apocalypse Defender +10 Trainer 1994-07-16 e Y Tag  ed41b21d 15862
Atomic Triangle and Amiga Lords Party Demo Demo 1989-03-05 e Y P Tag ocs cdd377f9 15275
Awesome The End Intro 1992 e Y Tag  8eecf85c 2728
Bastards New Pack Intro Intro 1991 a Y Tag  n/a 14881
Beta5 Utility Compact 01 Pack 1990 d Y Tag  dd30779f 14742
Betrayal Chaos Strikes Back Cracktro 1990-12-17 e Y Cr Tag  277969a9 2829
Beyond Force Assembly 1993 Intro Intro 1993-08-01 e Y P Tag  36d875d7 2842
British Swapping Syndicate Mathematical Demo 1989 e Y Txt Tag ks1.2 912a6067 15256
Byterapers CopJazz Intro 1990-12-28 e Y Cr Tag  1639d649 3021
C-Lous Greetro Intro 1994 e Y Tag  edf4893d 13735
Carillon Return of the Son of the Monster Magnet Intro 1992-12-29 e Y P Cr Tag  c34f14d4 3060
Cave Champions of Krynn Import Cracktro 1990-05 e Y Cr Tag  bc11a084 15882
Celtic Rippdemo Hybris Musicdisk 1989-09-04 e Y Tag  d82ea6cb 3133
Compact Inc Space Intro Intro 1992-12-29 e Y P Tag  e1503512 3215
Complex Puuro Intro 1992-12-29 e Y P Cr Txt Tag  d8178cac 3244
Complex Sucks Forever 2 Intro Intro 1990-12 a Y Cr Tag  n/a 10160
Cremki Cyber Kick Cracktro 1994 e Y Tag  bfed49f7 15890
Cryptoburners FLAN Intro 1993-09-04 e Y P Tag  33aa15d4 3329
Cryptoburners Fourth Dimension 01 Intro Intro 1990-03-20 e Y Tag  7d86ae8b 14259
Cytax ICE 02 Intro Intro 1991-03 e Y Tag  7800c6c0 13859
Dark Demon Digital Candy BBS Intro Intro 1995 e Y Tag  13c9587b 13697
Decay Hot Warez Intro 1990 e Y Tag  cd3f847c 14711
Delight Genesia Preview Cracktro 1993-10-13 e Y Cr Tag  01b0a2b1 14314
Delight Guardian Heroes CD32 Cracktro 1994-10-11 e Y Tag  d416fcc6 13995
Destiny Quick BBS Intro Intro 1993 e Y Tag  07be607f 14825
Devils Alpha Wave Trainer 1991 e Y Tag  1688eca0 14487
Diamonds and Rust Goblins 2 Cracktro 1992 e Y Tag  5c6e5ebd 14183
Digital Symposium 1992 Invitation Demo 1992-08-31 e Y P Cr Tag  f1358137 1858
Digital Access Rave Demo Demo   e Y Tag  dbbc3268 13926
Dreamdealers Toyzareus Intro 1993-12-29 e Y P Cr Tag  4db79dfe 1972
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